Monday, July 30, 2007

we're home... for now.

So we just got back from our trip to Illinois and we had a BLAST! I wasn't ready to come home yet! It was so much fun hanging out with family and we got to spend a lot of time with Dan and Mary and it was so fun. Brinlee totally enjoyed being spoiled by her Nana and Papa and all of the relatives especially uncle Calvin and Aunt Traci. I have however gotten my fill of corn and soybean fields. We got the chance to go to Nauvoo and go through the Temple. It was amazing. We saw the Pageant and the temple lit in the background and I had tears... it was amazing. I can't wait until our next trip.

Monday, July 09, 2007

summer days

The kids went to Chuck e Cheese with Uncle J this morning well, Parker and Kaden and Brin and I stayed home and started to pack for the family reunion. We haven't been able to go the last 2 years and this year we were supposed to be in Illinois but we decided since we were home we might as well go have fun! After the boys got back Marge came over and I filled up our "huge pool" and the we took the kids out in the front yard to play. You can definelty tell it's summer... check out parker's Chaco tan! I love it. Kaden was "fishing" in the pool and catching some whoppers too! Brinlee and Rylin layed on the blanket and caught some rays until Brin started stealing her paci....a favorite pastime of hers and Rylin got upset. Gosh Brin way to treat your BFF.

Friday, July 06, 2007

fourth of july

Dustin took some pictures of the fourth of july parade and of our little family while we were watching the fireworks that night. Kaden and Parker were being monsters because they hadn't had naps and were so blasted tired but hey... you gotta do what you gotta do right?

crazy cowgirl

Brin loves her horse. She is the wildest cowgirl in the west, if you say "Brinlee ... Yeeeehaaaw she starts going nuts! it's hillarious. We finally remembered that we had given that to Kaden for christmas two years ago and it was out in the garage and when we couldn't stand the sound of her rocking in her high chair and banging her back against it anymore we broke out the horse and it's been get a long lil' doggies ever since!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Brinlee and Skip

Brinlee will say two words... Dada, and.... Grandpa! go figure!

more birthday pictures

Happy Birthday Parker boy

My baby is 4! I cannot believe he is that old. We had a BBQ for his birthday and some friends and all of the family were there. He made a haul and I made firecracker cupcakes that he thought were pretty cool. We went outside and had some fun with sparklers and Uncle Dustin revvvvved up grandpas "tractor" aka lawn mower and hooked up the trailor and loaded in all of the monsters and turned it into a rollercoaster ride! We couldn't get them out so all of the adults took turns driving. Everyone had a good time and it was fun to just sit back and relax and visit and watch the kids play. Uncle Mike put parker's new "hanglider" (spongebob kite) together for him and Halle quickly informed him of the difference between a hanglider and a kite, phew! I'm glad we got all of the worked out.

Fathers Day

So I am going to put in a bunch of blogs while I can to get caught up! I am vowing to do better at this now. Fathers day was fun I think Danny had a good time and we had a big dinner at our house for all of the Dad's in the family here in town. Danny said he would like steak for dinner so I grilled steaks and "beer in the rear" chicken... yes I touched raw chicken (he so owes me) and I made Amanda buy the beer because I'm a chicken. I made a cake that looks like a big mac and it was a pretty big hit so I think I'll have to get busy thinking up something to top it for next year!

a little dip in the pool

Marge and I took the kids to city beach for a little cool down last week and they had a blast. Crystal's kiddos were here for the week but right as we were leaving for the beach Halle had a rather unfortunate stomach upset and puked all over mom's driveway hence there are no pictures of her enjoying the beautiful weather! Parker had a ball playing with the foot washer sprayer thing and I couldn't get Kaden to get in the pool. As for Haven, I couldn't resist the old "from the back" photo opp with the cheeks hanging out. Go girl!