Thursday, January 29, 2009

blog slacker

I am sorry that I have been such a slacker these days, life got in the way! In answer to questions as of late:
My running has been at a standstill for about a week now due to lower leg issues (super fun) and I am crawling out of my skin! I am icing and stretching and heating and resting and drugging and everything! Don't worry I'm staying away from the hard stuff - strictly Ibuprofene for me!
My photography has been at a standstill for a while due to computer and software issues so I am shooting a lot, but not able to edit! REALLY REALLY frustrating! But hopefully that will be fixed really soon here. So for now here are a few straight out of camera of what we've been up to!

Dropping and picking Parker up from school and volunteering on Thursdays

getting haircuts from Grandma and being totally potty trained!!!!!!
Did I mention totally POTTY TRAINED!!! can I get a hallelujah?

jumping out of the car on the way home from a dr app to check out this awesome sunset.

Refusing to take of this costume....I don't know why.

Pushing our babies around in strollers wearing a dress and pink fluffy sleeping beauty stilettos!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

only at my house

Would Cinderella be riding a John Deere at 6:30 in the morning.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Party at my place

After a tearful goodbye from the Chaci last sunday at Grandmas house I decided we would have a little "cousins" pizza and movie party at my place on wed (a school night...I know!) So we made homemade pizza and Parker went to the store with me and picked out the pop and then said..."now how about something for dessert" oh my this kid takes after his mother! So we grabbed some cookies and hit the road. We watched Horton Hears a Who and I have to say, I have the best Husband who loves to hang with the kids as well. He usually ends up being Brin and Ry's personal sofa! Thanks Bug.

It's a shame what is going on with our youth these days isn't it?


Last week the kids went to the "dental office" and had their cleanings done. I am pretty sure that my kids are the only ones who say "I'm going to the dental office" instead of just "I'm going to the dentist!" cracks me up. Brinlee is still running around saying "Summer brush my teeth". Summer is the Hygienist of course! Anyways - all good no cavities and they came away with some playdough so right when we got home of course they got to it. Parker decided to make mom and dad sitting on a bench....I was dying!

Don't worry... those are my arms! I was a little concerned myself at first - and sortof flattered!

And then there was a nasty demise!

I give up!

I am having problems with windows live writer so I apologize for being a slacker but it won't let me upload photos!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wakin up is hard to do

For the last month my sweet little princess Brinlee, regardless of what time she lays her tiny little noggin down, has been waking up at 5am.  We can’t figure out what is going on and she must be stopped!  She does take a little nap in the afternoon(wouldn’t that be nice) and then takes her sweet time waking up!  Kaden and I talked in muted tones and try not to make any sudden movements lest we invoke the wrath of a “just waking up from her nap” Brin! 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

a long break!

I am going through withdrawals because I haven’t been able to do anything with the million photos I took over winter break, I am needing a new computer that can keep up and I haven’t found the right one yet…or the money to buy it!  So here is one of the princess that I thought was kindof cool this is straight out of the camera.

christmas 08 126

She was very “bejeweled” all day because of her new collection from Santa of course!  Move over Liz Taylor!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

ok I get it.

So as I mentioned before today was the day of my longest run ever. I was REALLY, REALLY nervous because a mile and a half has been killing me and today was supposed to be three! I had to go pick up Parker from school and then the Chach from preschool and then Halle from her friends and get everyone home.  I knew that if I didn’t go out before dark I wouldn’t go – and Danny is not home so I called my little brother J… He is my new hero!  I chucked my card at him and told him to put on a movie and order some pizza and I would be back soon.  What a guy!  I just knew that I had to do this. So I strapped on my totally hot running outfit – pictured hereafter, tucked my ipod into my pocket and took off.  I couldn’t believe how nice it was to be out, moving, no kids screaming at me, no phone calls, even in the pouring rain it ROCKED!  I never believed people when they said it was a joy to be basically killing yourself running but now…I get it.  I didn’t have to stop once, I ran the hills, it was truly amazing.  The rain was pouring and I was smiling like a moron trudging through the mud puddles!  I think I can honestly say that I’ve found a new happy place!  I was shocked when I hit the three mile marker and my little friend on Nike +  told me I had just run my farthest distance yet.  I know that it’s a short distance for most, but for me after a 7 year hiatus from expecting anything from myself physically – it was amazing!  I ran 3 miles in thirty min flat and I was shocked! Then I ate two pieces of pizza and some popcorn…the end!

sarah's run 003 sarah's run 004

J took some after shots for me to commemorate!  Can you tell where my jacket was open to the rain…don’t worry I don’t have random sweat glands on my shoulders or anything!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Are you kidding me?

Parker and Kaden are in “taking a shower by yourself” training these days and it’s going pretty well.  I got Parker all set and then went to get Brinlee into her jammies and Kaden cleaning his room and when I walked back down the hall I heard this…I hope you can hear it I was trying to be sneaky! He is singing his favorite song of the moment “maybe it’s just me” by SecondHand Serendade!  This kid!

Sorry that the video is sideways I don’t know how to flip it!

parker in shower 004

What can I say?

Brinlee is living the dream!  After my run yesterday morning Danny was getting kids ready while I was in the shower and when I came out this is what I found:

jan 09 036 

Of course the only response he had is “This is what she wanted to wear”  Oh my.  She stayed in this getup all morning actually and I have a feeling that is going to become a repeated pattern around here! I thought it was funny that he even put the headband on! What a Dad!

jan 09 040 

Then she started modeling and showing me her earrings… I love this girl!

jan 09 041

let’s get on the bus!

Poor Gunner was the main attraction for the kids while they were stuck inside because of the nasty rain and he was such a good sport.  They decided he REALLY needed to take a ride in their bus tent thingy.  So they pushed and pulled and beckoned! The did eventually get him in there and I could not stop laughing at how proud they were of themselves!

jan 09 010jan 09 011

jan 09 004

jan 09 002jan 09 014

Monday, January 05, 2009

I know, I know

I haven’t died.  Yet.  I’ve just been desperately trying to catch up on life since the long break! In answer to many of your questions (and to prove that I really am certifiably insane) I will be doing the whole blasted marathon.  My original plan was to shoot for the half since I am a new runner and really out of shape, however my nutso brother and friends are all about the whole “go big or go home” situation so – we’re going big! I am in my second week of training and I think I might die.  3 miles tomorrow…what is a short distance for some makes me feel like Rocky running the steps so I hope that I make it tomorrow. I almost died on the 1.5 today! Thank heavens for tunage on the ipod! Wish me luck!