Friday, February 27, 2009


Washington that is. Danny moonlights up in Concrete on his days off from Skagit and he loves it because it's usually pretty slow and he can go fishing while he "works". I say - bring it on! So last week I took the kids up to visit Dad at the station and spend some much needed time with him. We had so much fun. We took the kids to the park and we drove around checking out the river. We made dinner together and of course watched a little "Spectacular" on Nickelodeon.

the kids loved the slide of course

and here I am! Hi!

Danny would wait for Brin to come around the corner and then scare her...she loves it.

it's actually amazing that I got a shot of him at all. kaden never stands still.

Danny helped parker master the monkey bars!

Brinlee in the drivers seat...frightening.

this is even scarier!

Life's a beach!

So I have a lot of back-blogging to do now! A couple of weeks ago I took the kiddos to the beach after we picked Parker up from school. They like to “go see the ocean” as they put it! And forgive me but most of the time I park the truck and roll down the windows and we watch from inside because I have OCD and the thought of sand in all of the many places it could go once it takes up residence on my children is a little more than I can bare. Sand in their clothes, shoes, hair, all over my house – you get the picture. But this day it was so nice out and you can only watch from afar for so long before they start catching on and try the old…”puuuuhhhhhhlllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeee” so we got out of the truck. I am still finding sand in the house. The end.

Parker: "mom look... the temple!"

One of our most fascinating finds at said beach that day: tracks! Parker and Kaden could not stop examining them...don't tell them they are from a dog.

Need I say more?

whatever makes them happy though right?

yep grubby little hands with sand under the nails...yum!

Parker didn't move from this position the entire time

Enough already!

So we have been a house full of invalids for the last week and a half! I was pretty much out of commission because of my back and then I got the cough cold stuff that is going around and joined Parker in the "cough until you loose a lung" game. Danny had the whole week off last week and he got to play Mr. mom. He took such good care of me - even bringing me dinner in bed so that I could stay comfortable! and organized the kids rooms - and then hurt his back! So it has been just a yucky couple of weeks and I am starting to feel better now I just hope that the pain continues to go away so that we can get back to having lives! Enough Already!!! We get to go see Brad Paisley tomorrow so that should brighten the spirits!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am taking sign ups for an Easter/ Spring photo shoot! Here's the deal:
$30.00 per family
Farm Location (huge old barn, hay stacks, animals etc)
Baby chicks
Baby bunnies
Possibly ducklings
Lots of props
Best 5 edited photos on a high res disc

I am currently working on the exact date but time and space will be limited so sign up now to ensure your spot!
More details to follow!

A first time for everything

This last week we had our first run in with poison oak,Ivy, or whatever it was out at Mom and Skip’s house.  Brinlee and I had gone out to see the boys who were tearing down and burning trees with Grandpa.  She was wearing a dress and tights because I hadn’t planned on taking her out there and she of course fell down chasing the boys – no big deal happens all the time.  But 5 min later she was still complaining about her “owies” and we thought she was just being a drama queen.  Finally I looked her for a second and saw huge bumps through her tights! Yikes!  She had these bumps all over her legs and on her buns…poor thing so we took her home and dropped her in an oatmeal bath and covered her with calamine lotion and the next morning they were significantly smaller!  Yeah – we’re parents of the year! Sorry Princess.

Brins Poison Ivy

I don’t know if you can really see it that well in the picture….bathroom exposure is tricky!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

one day at a time

So basically blogging has taken a backseat the last week. I finally got fed up with being in pain so I went in to see the doctor and turns out I have some herniated discs in my back. Yay. I am pretty frustrated at this point because I should be moving along in my training schedule and instead I am stuck popping pills and scheduling physical therapy! I really just kind of need to scream or something. One day at a time though....that's all I can do I guess. On a better note the kids are good, and Parker is on cloud nine because we DVR'd the new Disney movie "Spectacular" the other night and so he has been watching it non stop so as to better his "rock star" skills if you will. Kaden rolls himself up in blankets on the floor and wants me to pick him up "like a taco" (not happening with a busted back) and Brinlee won't answer to anything except Sleeping Booty (beauty) and on occassion Cinderella. "Seeping booty needs to go potty mom, seeping booty needs a nack (snack)" - you get the picture...good times.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It’s gonna be a good day

You know that feeling when you find the perfect pair of new shoes and they are so fun and so comfortable you look at your feet in the mirror and you thing…oh yeah – lookin’ good.  No?   oh.   maybe that’s just me and my obsession with cute shoes, but couldn’t you just DIE??!!   I always thought that when I had a girl we would go bankrupt buying her clothes and shoes but it turns out I am way more picky with her than with the boys .   I rarely find things that I love so these were a must!  She loves to show everyone how they make her run fast too and seriously…can you put a price tag on a piece of footwear that can do that?  I don’t think so!  No if they only came in my size…



Can I just say that I love blogging and that I will now have these photos to remember how tiny her cute feet were and how cool she felt with her new shoooooooooes on?


My house is full of Rock Stars!

We love music around our house.  And we love to have jam sessions in the car as well, this is the latest! Ladies and Gentleman, Mr Kaden Weibling!  Excuse the stage mom comments and my singing of course but he always does this in the car randomly and to get him to do it on camera is tricky!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm sorry... I was dying!

There must be this in all things!

Optimism...what a concept! I like it. I think I'll try it!

Oh Kaden…

I’m sure that I have probably started more than one post with this phrase!  I love his guts to death but I think he is going to give me and aneurism.  He is, of course, hilarious.  But he is also my most challenging (for right now).  Kaden lives to bug.  He’ll bug anyone, anytime – he’s always available so if you happen to know someone who needs a little bugging – give him a call he can be reached on Danny’s old busted cell phone that is missing the battery – never leaves his belt loop!  Today was one of those days I guess.  The moment Parker got home from school Kaden’s evil plan of attack went into action and didn’t stop until he went to bed early – and without a story I might add – for being a bug.  When I got in to tuck him in the conversation went as follows:

Kaden (trying not to smile like he always does when he’s in trouble because apparently it’s funny): I don’t want to go to bed!

Me: Well Son I guess you should have made better choices.

Kaden: I wiw make bettew thoices!

Me: Kaden it’s time for prayer and I want you to say a special prayer and ask Heavenly Father to help you make better choices tomorrow.

Kaden: Deaw Hevenwy Fadew, Pwease hewp me make bettew thoices tomowow and do ebeysing that mom wanths me to do – name of Jesus Chwist amen!(sorry best phonetic spelling I could come up with for his unique accent!)

Me: (trying not do laugh) Kaden I love you Kookoo bird and I hope you do.

Kaden: Hey mom I need to tew you thomethin’  (repeated five times until I finally closed the door!)


This kid.

It’s a good thing he’s cute – or  just thinking about the future orthodontic bill might send me into convulsions!


Is it your back???

Ow...Ow my back. I'm pretty sure I am falling apart. Sorry for the lack of posts, and I was doing so good there for a few days!!! I hurt my back and so I have been out of commission for the last few days. Not to worry, I am going to see the fabulous miss Marybeth tomorrow and hopefully she can cure be continued.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Do you ever?

Do you ever look at your kids and think…how in the world did I get so lucky? I have those moments. Sometimes. Between the messes, and the screaming, and the back talk, and the sassiness. I have those moments. How amazing are these kiddos we do our best to raise?

practice makes perfect

So I am getting super excited that the weather is starting to get a little sunny, (okay the sun is out at least!) And I am sooooooo looking forward to this spring and summer because I have a lot of new fun things to try with my photography. So to get the ball rolling - and because it's always a good idea to practice, the first 3 people to respond to this post will get a free shoot! The day and time will be sooner rather than later ( weather permitting) and for your willingness to volunteer I will give you your 15 best edited shots on a cd! Any comment will do (but excited ones are especially appreciated) and I will contact you with the details!
Let the good times roll,

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

you're the cats really are!

I have the best friends in the world! You guys had me cracking up with comments all day yesterday! Heart ya!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Just for a second...

I am having one of those days (or years). So just for a second I am going to focus on the negative. I'm going to complain...that's right. So if you want to stop reading now I completely understand! You know those years when you are feeling pretty good - things are going smoothly and you think, hey I could handle another addition to our family - that's sounds like fun - so you go for it and instead you get two miscarriages and surgeries that you are now paying through the nose for? And then to get your mind off things you join a softball team and are having fun and have a stupid(parker would tell me we don't say that word but he's not here right now) a really really stupid accident and bust your knee all up and can't play anymore? you do what the doctors tell you to do and you ice and you rest it and you let it heal, and you decide to finally start acting on your love of photography - which is a blast but also turns out to be an incredibly expensive love - so instead of focusing on the equipment you wish you had - you learn to use what you have so far and you take up running and you decide it's really fun and you decide to train for a marathon and then you get shin splints and achiles tendonitis and you ice and rest and try to wait it out and then today you go for a run and your knee starts hurting pretty bad and your Ipod stops working and you start to think that jumping in front of an oncoming car might be a good idea? Yeah - I having that kind of day ( or year)
Ok I'm done complaining now. sniff sniff!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

a typical Sat morning

Yesterday was nice. The kiddos and I slept in (7:30) and hung out in jammies all morning. I like bumming around with these crazy kids!

Kaden kept asking me if things in the house were broken. And yes that is a make shift tool belt - never underestimate...ever! And yes that is a bosch drill in his hand - thanks aunt Crystal, it's always nice to have one more toy that makes noise around here!

The bathing beauty - I thought short hair would be easier...not so much.

I wish I could count the number of photos I have of Parker in this very position - maybe I will try that this week! Stay tuned!

This is the reason...

This is why there are not a ton of videos of my dear sweet children on this blog....I pull out the camera and craziness ensues - not a fan of people sticking their faces on the lens and shouting..."rock on" especially when that person is 5. The end.

Please excuse the half nakedness - we were in the middle of getting pjs on! Thank you Illinois Grandma and Grandpa for the awesome Valentine gift - the kids were so excited to pay for it themselves!