Friday, February 27, 2009

Life's a beach!

So I have a lot of back-blogging to do now! A couple of weeks ago I took the kiddos to the beach after we picked Parker up from school. They like to “go see the ocean” as they put it! And forgive me but most of the time I park the truck and roll down the windows and we watch from inside because I have OCD and the thought of sand in all of the many places it could go once it takes up residence on my children is a little more than I can bare. Sand in their clothes, shoes, hair, all over my house – you get the picture. But this day it was so nice out and you can only watch from afar for so long before they start catching on and try the old…”puuuuhhhhhhlllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeee” so we got out of the truck. I am still finding sand in the house. The end.

Parker: "mom look... the temple!"

One of our most fascinating finds at said beach that day: tracks! Parker and Kaden could not stop examining them...don't tell them they are from a dog.

Need I say more?

whatever makes them happy though right?

yep grubby little hands with sand under the nails...yum!

Parker didn't move from this position the entire time


Calley said...

Blecch, I'm already cringing...sand under the nails is theeee worst! Even after living in Hawaii and all, I would wash my hands with my water bottle at the beach, it bothers me that much! Amen and amen.

Mom said...

Looks like a good time "). I really can't believe your kids were okay with seeing the ocean . . . FROM THE TRUCK!!! Count your blessings for the times you DIDN'T have sand all over everywhere, I guess, huh? Good job Bobby :)

KellyAnne said...

You are such a fun Mom! We never even drive by the beach anymore. Cute cute kids!

austin and cherisse said...

Ahh super cute pictures I love them! Where are you coming to Cali! I just got back from my once every two years trip to Oregon so I am free and clear of the northwest for awhile! So when is my little sarah sue coming down to d-land!!! You know your kids are dieing to go!!!