Thursday, February 19, 2009

A first time for everything

This last week we had our first run in with poison oak,Ivy, or whatever it was out at Mom and Skip’s house.  Brinlee and I had gone out to see the boys who were tearing down and burning trees with Grandpa.  She was wearing a dress and tights because I hadn’t planned on taking her out there and she of course fell down chasing the boys – no big deal happens all the time.  But 5 min later she was still complaining about her “owies” and we thought she was just being a drama queen.  Finally I looked her for a second and saw huge bumps through her tights! Yikes!  She had these bumps all over her legs and on her buns…poor thing so we took her home and dropped her in an oatmeal bath and covered her with calamine lotion and the next morning they were significantly smaller!  Yeah – we’re parents of the year! Sorry Princess.

Brins Poison Ivy

I don’t know if you can really see it that well in the picture….bathroom exposure is tricky!


Calley said...

And of course something like this would happen to your kids! Dang Weibling children, stop getting sick already!

Jen said...

Poor thing. I got into that stuff once when I was trying to pull potatoes with Grandpa. It sucked.

genevieve said...

I'm so sorry that is so miserable. It really does hurt.

D+C+R+K said...

that is almost too naughty of a picture for the intranet.