Friday, February 29, 2008

There were never such devoted sisters!

Brinlee and Rylin are the funniest girls. They love eachother and fight with eachother and bug eachother just like sisters. But sometimes you'll catch them being so sweet. Brinlee is of course bigger than Rylin and has been walking a little longer so she will walk over to Rylin and grab her hand to help her, if Rylin gets sad Brinlee will bring her a toy! It really is so sweet. But then sometimes I'll catch Brin trying to smack Rylin in the face...nice. I tell ya, just like sisters!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kaden - what else can I say?

Our son Kaden is a sweet boy. Sometimes I have to repeat this phrase to myself multiple times throughout the day. Only on days like yesterday. My kids wake up at 6:45 sharp no matter what time they go to bed. So 6:45 rolls around and Danny is trying to get out the door to leave for a 48 (hour shift) and I am trying to get three children their breakfast so they will stop saying that they are starving - I mean it's been a whole 2 seconds since they woke up...pick up the pace mom. Anyway, we are all running around like crazy heads and all of the sudden we hear fluid hitting the hardwood floor. I think to myself - "self, Brinlee is in diapers and both of the boys have been potty trained forever..." But I turn to find my sweet son wetting on the floor. Why you ask? I don't know, I don't even think Kaden knows. Lately he has been waiting to long to go in to the bathroom and sometimes he barley makes it so I got him all cleaned up and explained as lovingly as I could on a morning like this that we don't wet our pants. Later in the afternoon Aunt Marge (Ciera) came over and she watched the kids while Brin and I went to go get our haircut. Right before I left, I was telling kaden that if he needs to go to the bathroom - he needs to not wait but go right away to which he responds " no mom I'll just wear my peed pants" Needless to say Marge threw him in the tub and Brin and I left. Right after I got to my moms and sat in the chair Marge called and told me that Kaden just "messed" in the tub! SERIOUSLY! I'm not wanting to give you all of the gory details suffice to say - he made a huge mess. When I got home, I fed him and put him right to bed, letting him know that I was "sooooo unhappy with his choices today!" Then when I went in later to put Parker to bed, I opened the door and the room was so stinky! He had messed his pants...................YOU CAN'T EVEN MAKE THIS STUFF UP! Kaden got to take a cold shower. go ahead and call CPS I don't even care - it was so disgusting! I have decided that his behavior is because I put him back in pullups at night because he wasn't able to stay dry and I was washing sheets daily. But ever since then he wants to be a baby so we've gone back to no pullups and me taking him potty at 1am or whenever I go to bed. Oh the joys. And even after the nightmare of a day I had with him, he still is one of my three favorite kids in the whole world. He is the funniest guy and the spaces in his teeth make me smile (which them shows the spaces in my teeth) He loves to snuggle and he is a good big brother. Now if we could just get him to go to the bathroom correctly!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a preview of things to come...

So Brinlee seems to think she runs the place... Sorry for all of the videos but I just thought this was too funny! Maybe it's time to stop calling her Princess to her face huh? The first video is Brin having "issues" with me...the second one is 10 min later! Can you say Bipolar? I have no idea where she gets it from!

Oh Brin We love ya!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Night Princess

Brinlee thinks she is soooooo funny these days, when I ask her if she's ready to lay down she says no, when I ask her if she's hungry she says no, when I ask her if she wants to go It's a good thing she's cute! She bounces in her bed at night, I think to relax, somtimes she wakes up in the middle of the night and she won't cry or anything we'll just hear the thumping and we know she's bouncing around a bit before falling back to sleep! What a nut. I just love her guts!

yucky blucky

So as many of your are also finding, I have been getting scary comments and virus - y crud on my blog so I am having to set it to where I review the comments before they are posted. Sorry guys but I just don't want that garbage messing up my happy place!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I almost forgot

I almost forgot to add this one! And it's a classic. As many of you know my son Parker is obsessed with trucks. We can't pass one on the street without him telling me the make and model, if it has a hitch, if it has a toolbox, ect. He is however a little shady when it comes to loyalty as it depends on who he is with ( uncle Kyle, Uncle Dustin, Grandpa, or Dad) Sometimes he's a Ford guy, sometimes a Chevy, and every so often a Dodge. Anyways, he like to draw pictures of Trucks with Trailors, and if you notice the photo below has a hitch drawn with explicit detail. And of course the truck has a lift and really big tires. Oh I think we are in for a wild ride with this kid!
This picture is going to be worth some serious bucks when he is designing vehicles for Weibling Automobile Company in 2028!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Parker Weibling

Parker was drawing the other day while I was making breakfast. Although I hate to admit it sometimes, because he is such a talker, when I am busy and trying to focus I kind of just say "uh huh" "cool buddy" when appropriate so that he is happy and I can accomplish my task. This was the case that morning and then all of the sudden I heard " see mom - here is you, see? And your BIG head." That got my attention. I love these artistic masterpieces, although I must admit it would be nice if my son didn't think I looked like an orange on a toothpick!
Parker Weibling circa 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

look what I found!

I told the kids it was time to get ready for bed and then I ran to throw another load of laundry in and when I came back it was quiet... never a good sign. But when I opened the door expecting horrible things, I couldn't find them. Until Brinlee giggled! Oh they are so creative right? Stinkers!

Friday, February 15, 2008

is this thing on???

Is anyone else going totally buggy with this weather? I swear if I don't see some sunshine soon I am going to hurt someone! The kids are going nuts too which is no fun. Does anyone have a good place to buy therapy lights? for real. aaaarrrggghhh!

Dollar tuesdays!

So for family night (which happens whatever day of the week Danny is going to be home) we told the kids that we would take them out to the "ice cream store" as they call it other wise known as Baskin Robbins. They have dollar tuesdays and we thought that would be a fun treat so we get all of the monsters into the truck and then out of the truck and then into the building and they all picked the purple and green pop rocks ice cream (kindof looks gross to me) and we got them all seated and the power went out! Seriously you can't make this stuff up! We decided it didn't really matter because they already gave us our ice cream so we hung out in the dark answering a billion questions from Parker about what happened to the lights and where did they go and when will they be coming back on - you get the idea! When they were finished we borrowed a flash light from the ice cream lady and took the kids one at a time into the bathroom to wash up! They had a blast and hey - we created memories! Kaden and his HUGE licker!
The aftermath

A girl after her mothers heart!
good to the last bite!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So proud of myself!

So I am pretty impressed with myself tonight as I have spent quite a few long insomniac nights trying to master photoshop and getting so frusterated. I finally did my very first digital scrapbook page on photoshop and it was so easy! I will be able to do so much more now with all of our photos and memories and they look just like the traditional ones! I love it!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The one Uncle J

So my youngest bro. "uncle J" as my kids refer to him - is a total kick in the pants and somewhat of a mysterious fellow at times because he will appear out of nowhere! The other day he bought ice cream for my birthday and made me a sundae and then hung out for a while... in my bed...with Danny and I... I tell ya it doesn't get any stranger than this family! He loves to try to snuggle up with Danny and drive him nuts! Oh uncle J we love ya!

This is the classic - Jeremy get off me you're creeping me out look! - scheer joy for the accomplishment of annoyance on Jeremy's face.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My sister is going to kill me!

So my sister is probably going to kill me for posting pictures of the one Haven Puppy Party first, but c'mon it's been two days since the fesitvities and these pictures are too cute to pass up. Please forgive the red eyes and such as I haven't yet had a chance to edit this batch but sometimes it's necessary if I don't want to get beind in my blogging! This was the best puppy party I have ever been to complete with puppy ears and collars, puppy chow in dog bowls and a few games of "trainer says" and find the bone! I also must say there were some of the cutest puppies I have ever seen!

aunt marge is keeping the princesses happy while uncle dustin...
Keeps it real with the puppies!

And then the gorilla made his appearance.

Puppy Kaden, aka KooKoo dog
Puppy Rylin
Puppy Parker found a bone

And the YaYa puppy of course!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

too stinkin cute!

Seriously I can't even stand it!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I love you Brinlee

Brinlee in going through that stage where she just follows me around all day wanting me to pick her up. It's a little bit of an adjustment because she has never been like this before. Why is it that children go into nursery at age 18 months right at the height of the "major seperation anxiety" stage??? She is still the cutest girl ever to me though!

could we be any duller?

Lazy is actually the better choice for a description of our last week and a half. We had the flu / cough cold stuff go through the house and for a whole 2 days all we could do was lay around. All 5 of us on our bed just watching tv and reading, it was actually kind of nice - minus the whole watching Parker chew on his toenails thing... I think he gets that from aunt Crystal.