Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I almost forgot

I almost forgot to add this one! And it's a classic. As many of you know my son Parker is obsessed with trucks. We can't pass one on the street without him telling me the make and model, if it has a hitch, if it has a toolbox, ect. He is however a little shady when it comes to loyalty as it depends on who he is with ( uncle Kyle, Uncle Dustin, Grandpa, or Dad) Sometimes he's a Ford guy, sometimes a Chevy, and every so often a Dodge. Anyways, he like to draw pictures of Trucks with Trailors, and if you notice the photo below has a hitch drawn with explicit detail. And of course the truck has a lift and really big tires. Oh I think we are in for a wild ride with this kid!
This picture is going to be worth some serious bucks when he is designing vehicles for Weibling Automobile Company in 2028!


Crystal said...

What budding little artist you have!

Emily said...

such cute pictures!! i love the way kids look at the world

catherine yeates said...

that is so cute, i love the detail.