Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The one Uncle J

So my youngest bro. "uncle J" as my kids refer to him - is a total kick in the pants and somewhat of a mysterious fellow at times because he will appear out of nowhere! The other day he bought ice cream for my birthday and made me a sundae and then hung out for a while... in my bed...with Danny and I... I tell ya it doesn't get any stranger than this family! He loves to try to snuggle up with Danny and drive him nuts! Oh uncle J we love ya!

This is the classic - Jeremy get off me you're creeping me out look! - scheer joy for the accomplishment of annoyance on Jeremy's face.


The Gardners said...

Funny picture . . .Jeremy totally has his "Soptich Face" on. Ps, I love your enormous jug of water on your nightstand. Just can't have enough water laying around!!

Kate said...

Your brother is hilarious... reminds me of my big bro- he will do anything to bug me!