Monday, February 11, 2008

My sister is going to kill me!

So my sister is probably going to kill me for posting pictures of the one Haven Puppy Party first, but c'mon it's been two days since the fesitvities and these pictures are too cute to pass up. Please forgive the red eyes and such as I haven't yet had a chance to edit this batch but sometimes it's necessary if I don't want to get beind in my blogging! This was the best puppy party I have ever been to complete with puppy ears and collars, puppy chow in dog bowls and a few games of "trainer says" and find the bone! I also must say there were some of the cutest puppies I have ever seen!

aunt marge is keeping the princesses happy while uncle dustin...
Keeps it real with the puppies!

And then the gorilla made his appearance.

Puppy Kaden, aka KooKoo dog
Puppy Rylin
Puppy Parker found a bone

And the YaYa puppy of course!


The Soptich Side of things said...

I love it. Crystal is slacking on the whole blog thing, so it is no wonder she hasn't done hers yet :)

Jennifer Stokes said...

What was the puppy party for? Just the fun of it? I must say that if I ever have a void for birthday party ideas, that MAY be the one...
And, don't send out the search party...we are still alive. Just trying to manage life with a new primary 2nd counselor calling, sharing time assignment this month, new ward getting up and running, school that is never in session because of the blasted snow that keeps coming, and recouping my house that has taken a beating. I had to spend 1.5 hours online Saturday night between midnight and 1:30 am ish to catch up on my blog stalking.

genevieve said...

I love it. That is very original. Looks like they had so much fun!