Friday, February 15, 2008

Dollar tuesdays!

So for family night (which happens whatever day of the week Danny is going to be home) we told the kids that we would take them out to the "ice cream store" as they call it other wise known as Baskin Robbins. They have dollar tuesdays and we thought that would be a fun treat so we get all of the monsters into the truck and then out of the truck and then into the building and they all picked the purple and green pop rocks ice cream (kindof looks gross to me) and we got them all seated and the power went out! Seriously you can't make this stuff up! We decided it didn't really matter because they already gave us our ice cream so we hung out in the dark answering a billion questions from Parker about what happened to the lights and where did they go and when will they be coming back on - you get the idea! When they were finished we borrowed a flash light from the ice cream lady and took the kids one at a time into the bathroom to wash up! They had a blast and hey - we created memories! Kaden and his HUGE licker!
The aftermath

A girl after her mothers heart!
good to the last bite!


Kristina said...

Did you really post this at 2:30 am? Wow! Anyway, great ice cream pictures. Thanks for the idea, we'll have to try that someday.

The Soptich clan said...

Who needs electricity to enjoy ice cream? I mean seriously!