Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Amy and Ricky's twinkies!

Seriously have you ever seen two more beautiful (I mean tough) looking boys? Meet Trace and Owen, my cousin Amy and her husband Ricky had these two sweet boys the same day my brother and his wife had theirs! I got to go to Yakima while we were up at the cabin to see them and I just about stuck them in my purse to take home! They are the cutest things ever. Great job Ames!

Ensign Ranch part 1

We just got back from our Thanksgiving with the Weibling side. We had so much fun it was so sad to leave. Even though there was no snow up there yet we had a blast. We had to go to Roslyn of course to get photos by the Northern Exposure sign! Uncle Hyrum and Parker and Uncle Neil and Aunt Risa were the models! Uncle Hyrum made some killer ribs while we were there so the kids and I learned to eat ribs "weibling style". Did I mention we had so much fun? We miss you guys!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Drumroll please!

Ladies and Gentleman Kendall Jane Soptich!
Kendall was born today at 1:40 with a fighting weight of 6 pounds 0.3 oz! She is the family's new heavy weight! She is 18 in and some change and has lots of curly dark hair! Mom and Baby girl are both doing great. Kendall was starving her guts off so we were trying to keep her happy until they brought Ciera back from surgery! She is so adorable and Ciera looks great. Welcome to the world Kendall Jane.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

so what...I'm still a ROCK STAR

So I think this has become my motto.
I cannot potty train my two year old to save my life
I feel like Christmas is around the corner and we haven't had Thanksgiving yet
I've got too much to do and I feel like my head will explode
I don't sleep at night because I am a chicken and my Husbands always gone
None of my clothes fit and I swear they are shrinking
If I hear Parker and Kaden get into one more fight...
My house is a mess
And to all of this I have decided to say:
So what... I'm still a ROCK STAR! Thanks to Pink for the inspiration!

Friday, November 07, 2008

the last few...I promise!

Thanks again Marge. I hope you like them.

a few more

here are a few random ones that I thought were cute. PS the apple doesn't really mean anything - we were right under an apple tree and I liked the color contrast and the difference in size from pregnant tummy to tiny apple - I don't know I just thought it was a fun idea!

my first "real" session!

So Marge (Ciera) was nice enough to let me use her as a pregnant guinea pig for my first "real" photo shoot ever! Living on the island we have so many amazing places to choose from for locations so we went to a little nugget that I think will become a favorite! More to come... let me know what you think!

my fav

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

blast this wretched week!

Just channeling a little cruela devil there! But seriously this week is not my favorite! I took some fun fun pictures of prego marge and I went to upload them and my blasted computer died! And now I'm all freaked out about the state of our country after last nights craziness! Can I get an amen? Then I took the computer into Best Buy where it's supposed to be under warranty (paid extra for that of course) and of course the problem is NOT covered under that warranty....I love it.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Cancer free!

So I had to post this because it came as a total relief and also because I know you'll enjoy the story of my humiliation at the store counter. So last week I had decided to finally stop putting off going to the dermatologist to have a skin check because I have noticed a few freckles/moles that are darker lately blah blah blah. Anyway the dermatologist totally freaked me out (unintentionally I'm sure) by saying that the one on my back was very atypical and she was concerned and we needed to do a biopsy right away. So I had two punch biopsy done, got stitched up and headed for home to wait for the results. Meanwhile Danny is gone on his hunting trip and I cannot reach these blasted spots to put clean band-aids on daily so I asked Parker to help me cover the stitches with a band-aid one morning and he got a disgusted look on his face and left the room....ok then. Later in the week we were standing at the check out counter and I was talking with the clerk and he chimes in "hey mom, why do you have those owies?" to which I reply "shhh it's nothing..shhh" and continue conversation with the clerk to which he reply's three more times "Mom why do you have those owies - you know the ones with the black stuff in them?" (stitches would have sufficed but he went with "black stuff") by now there is no distracting Parker or the clerk for that matter who is staring at me with alarm so I quickly explain I had a little procedure done at the dermatologist - no big deal, and yank my 5 year old out of the store as quickly as possible.
Yesterday at Church I had walked down to the classrooms to pick up Brinlee from nursery and Danny had already gotten the kiddos out to the car so I headed back and ran into Parker's sweet primary teacher who asked "why do you have stitches?" I can't believe this - he's diabolical! She just smiled and said " nothing is sacred with kindergartners"
Long story semi short I got my results today and NO SIGNS OF CANCER - yay - now if I could just get these pesky black things out!

going to scream

So I went to upload some photos I took today and my computer will not let me upload or even open my pictures! It keeps saying windows explorer has stopped working...I tried to call the Acer people and now it looks like I'm going to have to take it in to best buy (we bought the 5 year warranty thing) and the little geek squad goober says "well yeah that's great that you bought that because you'll only end up paying half of what you would otherwise" Let me check... Pretty sure I'm not paying a stinkin' dime buddy! I want to throw this blasted thing through the window...does the warranty cover that?

Sunday, November 02, 2008

These boys

My boys are funny. They are sweet, and silly, and total lovebugs. They also have the ability to drive me insane! The older they get, the more often I find myself reminding them "this is your brother, your best friend, you need to take care of him." I want them to be best friends - I know that as they grow, they will have their own friends and interests. They will have times where they want to kill each other I'm sure (not looking forward to those). I still hope that the bond they have always had as brothers will only grow stronger the older they get. My siblings are my bestest friends and yes - we too have times where we want to kill each other, they are the first line of defense and security for my family- no matter what. I hope that later on when my kiddos are reading these posts they will know that this was one of my deepest hopes - stay close, love and take care of each other and the rest will take care of itself.

People ask me all the time if they are twins but I don't think they look anything alike - and personality wise, they couldn't be any more different!

Lately I have heard them in the morning playing in thier room and Parker has really started to get into that "older brother" role. So a caution of love to my oldest son who will always be my baby - reign it in man! I love you Parker and am so proud of you already. Today in sacrament meeting you sat next to me with your white shirt and little blue tie and you looked like such a big boy. You watched as people got up to bear their testimonies and you said "I really really want to go up there mom" I freaked out a little because as of late you have been doing that charming 5 year old "say innapropriate personal things to strangers" thing. But Dad took you up and you did so good! I can't believe how fast you are growing.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

And your little dog too!

Halloween is always a little crazy around here because Danny is always gone hunting. Thank heavens for Crystal and Mike who are always game to tag team the whole trick-or-treating expedition! I tried to get a cute picture of the kiddos in costume but ...alas - too much candy all day long and this is what you get. I wanted to get a good shot of Brinlee the witch too but she was totally uncooperative. All in all we had fun we did a few tricks and had a few treats and took our annual Halloween trip to the Bates' and it was so fun (photos to come) This time I brought the whole brood (minus Ry who wasn't feelin' it last night) And then my one husband surprised us and came home! We were all so happy to see him and we all went to mom's and had grilled cheese with tomato soup and watched "It's the great pumpkin charlie brown" the end.

count you lucky stars I posted this one because Kaden was picking his nose in the other!

This hat fell off about a million trillion times