Sunday, November 02, 2008

These boys

My boys are funny. They are sweet, and silly, and total lovebugs. They also have the ability to drive me insane! The older they get, the more often I find myself reminding them "this is your brother, your best friend, you need to take care of him." I want them to be best friends - I know that as they grow, they will have their own friends and interests. They will have times where they want to kill each other I'm sure (not looking forward to those). I still hope that the bond they have always had as brothers will only grow stronger the older they get. My siblings are my bestest friends and yes - we too have times where we want to kill each other, they are the first line of defense and security for my family- no matter what. I hope that later on when my kiddos are reading these posts they will know that this was one of my deepest hopes - stay close, love and take care of each other and the rest will take care of itself.

People ask me all the time if they are twins but I don't think they look anything alike - and personality wise, they couldn't be any more different!

Lately I have heard them in the morning playing in thier room and Parker has really started to get into that "older brother" role. So a caution of love to my oldest son who will always be my baby - reign it in man! I love you Parker and am so proud of you already. Today in sacrament meeting you sat next to me with your white shirt and little blue tie and you looked like such a big boy. You watched as people got up to bear their testimonies and you said "I really really want to go up there mom" I freaked out a little because as of late you have been doing that charming 5 year old "say innapropriate personal things to strangers" thing. But Dad took you up and you did so good! I can't believe how fast you are growing.


Anonymous said...

you are becoming quite the photographer aren't you! your boys are beautiful!

Linda said...

The photos look great. I love the one of the boys both looking off to the side. It just really looks like them. Thanks again for watching the boy.

Mom said...

Great pictures, great family, great MOM!! :)

Love ya,
Aunt Carrie

Jeremy Saunders said...

great pics Sarah! Your boys are beautiful, and with the new haircuts, sorry, but I do think they look very much alike. Thank goodness for the cancer free result. keep clicking the pics look great!

Diane said...

I love your pictures. Do you bribe your kids when you take their pictures? Mine never cooperate!