Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Amy and Ricky's twinkies!

Seriously have you ever seen two more beautiful (I mean tough) looking boys? Meet Trace and Owen, my cousin Amy and her husband Ricky had these two sweet boys the same day my brother and his wife had theirs! I got to go to Yakima while we were up at the cabin to see them and I just about stuck them in my purse to take home! They are the cutest things ever. Great job Ames!


Jen said...

Oh, if only I could "check" them out, like a library book. I miss snuggly babies just not enough to have one of my own right now.

Crystal said...

I can't wait to hold them both at the same time. They have such distinct features for newborns. They really did do a good job!

Jeremy Saunders said...

oh my goodness, too precious for words, I don't know why but when I see twins it just testifies to me that there is a heaven. they are adorable.