Monday, November 03, 2008

Cancer free!

So I had to post this because it came as a total relief and also because I know you'll enjoy the story of my humiliation at the store counter. So last week I had decided to finally stop putting off going to the dermatologist to have a skin check because I have noticed a few freckles/moles that are darker lately blah blah blah. Anyway the dermatologist totally freaked me out (unintentionally I'm sure) by saying that the one on my back was very atypical and she was concerned and we needed to do a biopsy right away. So I had two punch biopsy done, got stitched up and headed for home to wait for the results. Meanwhile Danny is gone on his hunting trip and I cannot reach these blasted spots to put clean band-aids on daily so I asked Parker to help me cover the stitches with a band-aid one morning and he got a disgusted look on his face and left the room....ok then. Later in the week we were standing at the check out counter and I was talking with the clerk and he chimes in "hey mom, why do you have those owies?" to which I reply "shhh it's nothing..shhh" and continue conversation with the clerk to which he reply's three more times "Mom why do you have those owies - you know the ones with the black stuff in them?" (stitches would have sufficed but he went with "black stuff") by now there is no distracting Parker or the clerk for that matter who is staring at me with alarm so I quickly explain I had a little procedure done at the dermatologist - no big deal, and yank my 5 year old out of the store as quickly as possible.
Yesterday at Church I had walked down to the classrooms to pick up Brinlee from nursery and Danny had already gotten the kiddos out to the car so I headed back and ran into Parker's sweet primary teacher who asked "why do you have stitches?" I can't believe this - he's diabolical! She just smiled and said " nothing is sacred with kindergartners"
Long story semi short I got my results today and NO SIGNS OF CANCER - yay - now if I could just get these pesky black things out!


Jenna said...

Ok, I adore the stories about Parker. I was just gushing to my roommate about how sad I was that I missed Parker bearing his testimony before you commented. Congrats on being cancer free! I am loving all of the pictures of the chillin. Tell Parker I miss him and I'll be home in less than 7 weeks! Keep up the good blogging!

The Soptich clan said...

Ahhh that Parker, he'll get ya every time! I died laughing reading that, but pretty sure I wouldn't die laughing if Summer spilled the beans after my gyno appts. I'm sure that would have far worse repercussions!
Glad to hear you don't have terrorist moles on you! And I'm excited to buffet it up with you next Saturday :)

Linda said...

Parker Parker Parker. You just gotta love that kid!

Anonymous said...

ahh, that's scary! i'm glad it turned out ok and that you're still going to be around for parker to embarrass!

Marriott Fam said...

Yay! Cancer-free! You gotta love the fun things kiddos say. We are in the blogging world now, so check out our blog. Let's get together soon!
Becky & Jake

genevieve said...

Phew! what a relief that it wasn't cancer. That's not a fun thing to go through. Don't kids keep us humble? :)