Thursday, October 30, 2008

Help please!

So I have decided that I would like to really take the next jump and start a photography business. Of course I have a long way to go but I am just trying to get things organized so that I am all ready to go. And I have a major issue to begin with - the name. So I am leaving it up to you guys - my friends and family to decide! Here are the ones that I have thought of

Sarah e Photography (this one is my fav but there are rhyming issues, and the domain name is taken! the nerve.)

SarahSue Photography (crystal likes this one)

Sarah W. Photography (Heather likes this one best)

I was all bummed because I had already played around with my logo/watermark for Sarah e Photography and then I found out that there already was a different state of course but still kind of a bummer.

So weigh in and give me your opinion and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

am I the only one?

am I the only person who has children who by 6 pm are so exhausted and worn out that they are in bed asleep by 6:15? I think this happened last year, not that I am complaining. They always get up at 6 or 6:30 no matter what time they go to bed so I figure - hey, if they are tired and will sleep... I'm going to let them!

If anyone is interested

I will be posting this on craigslist but I thought I would stick it on here also, I am selling my Nikon D40 DSLR camera with the 18-55 mm 3.5-5.6 lens. I have only had this camera for a year almost to the day! I am just updating because I've caught the bug! It is in perfect condition I am asking 375.00 firm if anyone is interested feel free to call or email you can look at the specs here

Monday, October 27, 2008

fun baby Addison

So we got to go to Carnation for two cutie baby girls' blessings on Sunday and I got to take a couple of pictures of Em's sweet girl Addison. They are not "professional" by any means but I did have fun taking them and she is adorable so it's win win! I have decided that I am in love with Black and white - natural light photos, especially for kiddos. I had so much fun getting to visit with everyone it seems like it's been forever since we really got to sit and laugh.

I think her scowl is the funniest thing. But look at that sweet face!

I'm sorry but I LOVE when they cross their eyes because they are trying so hard to focus - I just think it's so funny!

Addy's first white dress.

Thanks Em for letting me play photographer - I had a blast!

Friday, October 24, 2008

oh man

This is why you NEVER under any circumstances, allow Uncle J to help you with your PJs. EVER.

I'm not dead....yet.

Don't worry we haven't died....we've just been miserably sick for the last week and a half! First it was the kids a few weeks ago and then it was me for a good week straight and now it's Brinlee again-I swear this stuff never goes away! So we've been a little house bound and while Parker was at school I was trying to bribe the other two into helping me learn about aperture and shutter speed. It pretty much makes my brain explode! I am enjoying the journey though and hopefully someday I'll be able to say "remember when I was just learning..." These are just goofing around trying a bunch of different combos - strait out of the camera with just natural light so of course they are by no means fab but it always makes me happy to capture these faces.

Low light-indoors-slow glass -camera shake and not easy photos make!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Magic of Disney!

ok so Cinderella really but I think the true "magic of Disney" is that it can make a couple of two year olds sit in one place for more than a couple of minuets! Bless your heart Walt!

Brin and Ry are just starting to heart princess movies!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day o' fun

So Saturday was pretty much the only Day Danny was home this last week and so we wanted to have some family time. Danny took the kids to go pick out pumpkins while I mixed up the sugar cookies we always take to friends and family...(don't worry guys they're coming!) We then did the annual Weibling family pumpkin carving a.k.a. Danny covers the table with newspaper and tries to help each child carve their pumpkin until I lovingly suggest that we just let them each color what they want on their pumpkin with crayon or marker and then he carves it out for them - that way everyone gets what they want and still has all of thier fingers at the end - win-win! After pumpkin carving we got ready for the drive in - one of our favorite family activies, we bundled everyone up and put our spare mattress in the back of the truck and tons of blankets and pillows and went to go watch Horton hears a who and kung fu panda (didn't make it through the second movie because Brin was kindof being a beast) Everytime we look at each other and ask.."do you like the movie?" and everytime it's "it looks good but I haven't really been able to follow" we're always telling someone to sit down or not to touch their sibling you know... the usual. But we love doing it and it's sortof tradition. We used to go growing up and it's fun to be out there with the kids. I know it's something we'll keep doing for years and years and maybe when we're 80 Danny and I can go just the two of us and we'll actually remember what we watched!

Excuse the blur - low lighting and I HATE using flash.

The kids love getting to pick a "treat" from the concession stand.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

more from the shoot!

Keep in mind these are not totally edited, I have only played with them on photoshop a little but I just thought they were cute to share. Ciera did an awesome job.

try to get Kaden to look casual and this is what you get.

Friday, October 10, 2008

an awesome reference for Tulum

As I mentioned in my pictures from the trip post, we were able to go to the Mayan city of Tulum, and check out the ruins. Our tour guide was amazing but Mary and I kept talking about how we thought that he might not have the whole story. I kept looking at the layout and I knew that this was not a city, but a temple. The whole place - the layout is the same as solomons temple. And when I got home I started trying to do a little research (during naptime of course) and I found this site and since I don't have time to relay all of the things that we learned in tulum on my post I thought I would share the link for anyone who is interested in reading about what we saw. It truly is amazing.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

photo shoot

So Last night I had asked Marge (aka Ciera my sister in law) if she could take a couple of family photos for us since the last ones we did were a year ago and so we planned to go out, but then of course Danny ended up going in to work today so we decided to just take the kids out and get theirs out of the way first! They were not exactly cooperative but she still got some really great shots. Here are my favorites of Brin - I am still trying to pick my favorites of the boys because we got so many cute ones of them... the Princess was kind of a stinker. Thanks again Marge!

I'm not really sure what is up with her putting her hands in her mouth all of the time.

I wish they had these boots in my size!

our captain's dinner redo!

Okay so the night of the actual Captain's dinner (where you get all dressed up and some women wear prom dresses that wouldn't have even fit 10 years ago with inappropriate body parts hanging out) none of us had our camera and I assure you it's a shame because we looked hot. But we didn't want to buy any of the pictures the staff took so we got dressed up one more night and took our own! Dinners were so much fun and I will never forget our little Hector and Timoteo (Tim of course). They were so much fun and so we would sing with them during their little show and I even did the conga around the dining room...that's right, who've I got to impress? It was a blast and I am really wishing I would have brought Tim and Hector home with me because their service was amazing!

In all of our glory on the grand stair case of course.

Grandma singing a little ditty with Hector.

Hector and Aunt Becky chit chatting.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

more from the trip

As promised here are a few more photos of our trip, these are from our shore excursion in cozumel. We actually left cozumel and took a boat out to Playa Del Carmen and then a bus and then a tram thing to the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum. It was 110 degrees with 100% humidity so they kept telling everyone to drink lots of water and just when I thought I was going to jump off a cliff, it started pouring down rain! I have never been so grateful to be soaking wet in all of my life. The ruins were amazing and I couldn't stop thinking about how these were the very people that I read about in my scriptures. I love it!

We hiked up a small hill to get to the ruins and before you get to them, this is what you see.

Lots of buildings like this and our tour guide was amazing and explained to us what each building was for... but that would be a really long post!

I think it's amazing that these archways are still standing.

There were crazy iguanas all over the place kindof running around like the rabbits we have at home this one stopped to catch a glimpse of Danny's mom down on the beach! (she had never swam in the ocean!) It just about climbed into my bag!

What trip would be complete without a picture of a mayan ambulance?

And a cute little mayan paramedic to boot! He actually got my email because he wants to talk to Danny about coming to work in the states.

okay cut us a little slack here - I felt like I had layers of filth on me, I had my spa treatment that morning (won it in a raffle!) So I had oil all over me and then sunscreen on top of that followed by ridiculous amounts of sweat and then rain! We were looking so hot!

Monday, October 06, 2008

world traveler

Ok so I am home! I had a crazy fun time and had some time to relax as well. I ate my weight in all sorts of wonderful foods and I did not wash one dirty dish in 10 whole days! It was fab! Our first two days were in Disney World and it was so much fun. The first night we went at 4 pm and it was a halloween party.... we went trick or treating all over Magic Kingdom - I'm not kidding 5 grown women running all over disney world with trick or treat bags and we made a haul too! We didn't wait in one line and we rode every crazy roller coaster in the park as well as splash mountain of course! The second day was hollywood studios and that means the "tower of terror". can I just say -! I'm pretty sure my sisters arm will never be the same after the sitting next to me on that ride not only once but twice...amazing. So there you have it the first leg of the trip... more to come!