Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day o' fun

So Saturday was pretty much the only Day Danny was home this last week and so we wanted to have some family time. Danny took the kids to go pick out pumpkins while I mixed up the sugar cookies we always take to friends and family...(don't worry guys they're coming!) We then did the annual Weibling family pumpkin carving a.k.a. Danny covers the table with newspaper and tries to help each child carve their pumpkin until I lovingly suggest that we just let them each color what they want on their pumpkin with crayon or marker and then he carves it out for them - that way everyone gets what they want and still has all of thier fingers at the end - win-win! After pumpkin carving we got ready for the drive in - one of our favorite family activies, we bundled everyone up and put our spare mattress in the back of the truck and tons of blankets and pillows and went to go watch Horton hears a who and kung fu panda (didn't make it through the second movie because Brin was kindof being a beast) Everytime we look at each other and ask.."do you like the movie?" and everytime it's "it looks good but I haven't really been able to follow" we're always telling someone to sit down or not to touch their sibling you know... the usual. But we love doing it and it's sortof tradition. We used to go growing up and it's fun to be out there with the kids. I know it's something we'll keep doing for years and years and maybe when we're 80 Danny and I can go just the two of us and we'll actually remember what we watched!

Excuse the blur - low lighting and I HATE using flash.

The kids love getting to pick a "treat" from the concession stand.


Chivaun-o-rama said...

Did you stay for Kung Fu of the funniest movies I've ever seen! That and the Pixar short before Wall*E. ;)

Jeremy Saunders said...

I totally miss the drive-in!!!!!! That was our favorite family pasttime living there! Good times! I love your photoshoot! Your kids are way photogenic!

Nerell said...

The Drive-in is one of our favorite things too!!! Looks like you all had a lot of fun..

Emilee & Paul said...

Can't wait to get those sugar cookies!

Leah Silver said...

You are totally making the best memories. The picture of the three of them all bundled is so cute.