Wednesday, May 28, 2008

don't mess

I just thought she looked so tough in this picture that I had to post it. This little firecracker is a handful and a half! She is also the funniest thing ever. We love you Brin.

what a croc!

Okay, Can I just say that whomever (that's right) Whomever invented these delightful pieces of footwear had me in mind the entire time! I LOVE THEM. Kaden had a pair last year and he refused to wear anything else so this year I decided to get a pair for the whole brood and let me just say - they are fab! I don't care that instyle says they are hideous and a major fashion faux pas (I know I am totally pulling out the big guns here folks!) They rock. The kids can put them on BY THEMSELVES in seconds and they are roomy so they don't get blisters. they pretty much match everything and I just heart them to death!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

childrens museum

Ahoy! We took the kids to the children's museum of skagit county the other day and they had a blast- salmon fishing and grocery shopping, and they really loved turning the lights out and then watching their shadow appear on the wall! But the best part for Danny and I by far was on the ride home we were listening to the 80's music station on xm and this song came on that we hadn't heard in forever so of course we had to really rock out! "get out of my dreams....get into my car" with a little of me in the background (get in the back seat baby) And the kids were totally embarrassed! I couldn't believe it I looked back and the photos below are what I saw. We had to high 5 this being the first time we have publicly embarrassed out children. First of many I'm sure! awesome.

I'm a sailor ... I sail. AHOY!

captain Kaden...yikes.

Danny amazes us all with his ability to find spots to rest.

my children...aspiring truck drivers

this is soooo embarrassing.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

say it aint so!

So miss Brinlee has decided that she can do the whole potty training thing so we are going to give it our best shot! I am really really really hoping that it's true that girls are easier than boys because other wise we are going to have a rough summer! She is pretty funny though and likes to have her cell phone and hair brush with her while sitting on the pot - hey to each her own right? I had her in just a top so that I could tell when she needed to go or if she started going. I have never seen someone so comfortable with their bum hanging out from under their tank top! She walked around like she owned the joint!

So proud of herself!

She's a pro!

Friday, May 16, 2008

ow my legs...

So basically I thoroughly apologize for being such a lame blogger these last few weeks, things as always are a little nuts. I think it comes down to overscheduling. Danny is working a lot these days and then I work on days that he's home and I am also playing softball (which has been a total blast) But I did a dumb thing and started excersizing way to heavily, running and such without working up to it and now I am having major shin splint issues. I go back to the doc next week and hopefully I don't have fractures. At my last visit I was told to stay off of my legs for 4 weeks and so I have been taking it easy but they just aren't getting better and it hurts all of the time. Maybe it's just that I am getting old! So I am out on the bench for another week and I won't get to play in our tournament tomorrow but I am going to be the best book keeper/ cheerleader you have ever seen! GO K9's ( c'mon our sponsor is a dentist what do you expect!)

Monday, May 05, 2008

3..2..1..BLAST OFF!

Do you ever wish you could join your kids in their Bissell rocket ship (those have extra power don't you know) and enjoy a little backyardagains?

Friday, May 02, 2008

The wutzy wutzy spider

I am sorry but this cracks me up. All three of my kids are very different of course but one of the ways that is the funniest to me right now is in the one itsy bitsy spider song! Brinlee LOVES it right now and so we sing it multiple times throughout the day. They all sing it differently and I just had to put the videos on here because I think it's funny. Parker sings the wutzy wutzy spider...we've tried correcting's best to just let it be. Kaden sings the itsy itsy spider but then he gets stuck in a round and the song never ends-it just keeps going back to "down came the rain" and last but not least, Brinlee just walks up to us and makes the spider with her fingers and says SPIDER in her best gibberish of course! So without further ado... the vocal stylings of the Weibling children! Please excuse the enraged outburst at the end, a girl can only take so much brother if you know what I mean!