Tuesday, May 20, 2008

childrens museum

Ahoy! We took the kids to the children's museum of skagit county the other day and they had a blast- salmon fishing and grocery shopping, and they really loved turning the lights out and then watching their shadow appear on the wall! But the best part for Danny and I by far was on the ride home we were listening to the 80's music station on xm and this song came on that we hadn't heard in forever so of course we had to really rock out! "get out of my dreams....get into my car" with a little of me in the background (get in the back seat baby) And the kids were totally embarrassed! I couldn't believe it I looked back and the photos below are what I saw. We had to high 5 this being the first time we have publicly embarrassed out children. First of many I'm sure! awesome.

I'm a sailor ... I sail. AHOY!

captain Kaden...yikes.

Danny amazes us all with his ability to find spots to rest.

my children...aspiring truck drivers

this is soooo embarrassing.


Emily said...

Cute pictures of the little sailors. As for the singing - I call it payback time! I had fun chatting at the baby shower!

cat said...

LOVE it! isn't that one of the best parts of parenthood?

The Soptich clan said...

This is awesome. And can I tell you what else is awesome, is that picture of Kaden on Crystal's blog. You know the one! I seriously want to cry laughing every time I see it. Could he possibly be channeling his father from his teenage years??

Josephine and Aaron said...

That is great, how funny!