Saturday, May 17, 2008

say it aint so!

So miss Brinlee has decided that she can do the whole potty training thing so we are going to give it our best shot! I am really really really hoping that it's true that girls are easier than boys because other wise we are going to have a rough summer! She is pretty funny though and likes to have her cell phone and hair brush with her while sitting on the pot - hey to each her own right? I had her in just a top so that I could tell when she needed to go or if she started going. I have never seen someone so comfortable with their bum hanging out from under their tank top! She walked around like she owned the joint!

So proud of herself!

She's a pro!


The Soptich clan said...

holy cow, she is just a woman ahead of her time! I love her look of sheer concentration in the first shot. You are on your way to having a house of no diapers! (well, until the next one comes, of course) Go Brin!

Mom said...

Have fun with THAT one :). Yes, my girls were so easy - at least as far as potty training goes :). The boys were pretty easy too, except for the "stinky" part where they insisted on HIDING to do the dirty deed . . . for like 6 months for some of them - ugh! For the most part they were pretty much done by their second birthday (except for the boys and their "stinkies"). Cute pictures. I've got some very similar to it - seems like another life time ago :).

genevieve said...

Way to go Brin! (and Mom too) We are doing the same thing this summer too. Letting them go without undies is the only way to go. Good Luck!