Wednesday, May 28, 2008

what a croc!

Okay, Can I just say that whomever (that's right) Whomever invented these delightful pieces of footwear had me in mind the entire time! I LOVE THEM. Kaden had a pair last year and he refused to wear anything else so this year I decided to get a pair for the whole brood and let me just say - they are fab! I don't care that instyle says they are hideous and a major fashion faux pas (I know I am totally pulling out the big guns here folks!) They rock. The kids can put them on BY THEMSELVES in seconds and they are roomy so they don't get blisters. they pretty much match everything and I just heart them to death!


Emily said...

in style my but! I love them too and the best part is if they get dirty, you can hose them off! What is not to love? 4 in. heels and kids just don't mix anyway!

Tara said...

my favorite part is the putting them on by themselves too! I just wish there were a way to keep them on Brigham better. but then, I think that only a staple gun would do that!

genevieve said...

I think that they are great! Anything that they can put on themselves rocks. Plus, I think that they are cute. Have you seen the tye-dye ones that sketchers puts out? We had to get them. Oh, also the mary janes:)