Wednesday, April 30, 2008

oh these three!

Asher, Brinlee, and Rylin have become the funniest three some ever! We have been going to the park quite often lately as the weather has been so nice. It is so awesome because the older kids ride their bikes around the trail, the younger ones chase the seagulls and eachother and we moms get to sit in one spot (because all of the kids are visible) on the beach, and enjoy the weather relaxing! I really hope the weather keeps getting nicer because it would just break my heart to take a bad turn now!

Asher trying to keep up with those sassy little things!

And Brin takes the lead

Rylin and Asher eventually held hands as they walked...too cute!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

miss Thang!

So Brin has decided that she has her very own PERSONALITY! I love it. She is getting a little sassy - which is not always my favorite but she can sure hold her own with those brothers of hers. She is officially a big girl now and even sleeps in a big girl bed. Totally uncharted territory for us because when we tell her it's time for bed she runs and climbs in and even if she wants to get out she won't - she just lays there and cries for a second but then goes right to sleep - she won't ever get out of bed until I say she can and then she climbs down and gives me big hugs! We always had to spider strap the boys in! I cannot believe she is going to be 2 years old in August. It seems like she was born yesterday ( am I seriously old enough to use that phrase?) Her new favorite word of course is "NO" which she says with flare! We love her guts and I have a feeling she is going to keep us laughing for a long long time!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Is anyone else going totally nuts over this blasted stinky weather? These photos were taken within 24 hours of each other. Unbelievable!

going nuts...

So do you ever feel like if you had images of your everyday life out there for all to see that people would either feel really sorry for you or think you're nuts? Well here they are... lately with this insanely crappy weather, we have been stuck in the house with a bin full of toy trucks and moms camera...Brin is not feeling well so not a lot of shots of her here. Kaden likes to pretend he is taking pictures of me while I am taking pictures of him and on the last one of Parker... I have no words - he walked out into the family room like this and all I could do was take a photo. oh some days!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pardon me...

So we are all about class in the Weibling fam and I just thought that these pictures of Brin from Sunday with her new Aunt Risa dress were pretty cute...she even posed for me! And the other night I couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture Kaden in all of his chicken eating glory - pinkie up and all. Nice.

Pardon me...but do you have any grey poupon?? So classy Kaden!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Just like riding a bike!

Saturday we took off Parker's training wheels just for fun...I held on to the back and started walking and he immediately started yelling "let go!" I did and off he went. He hasn't slowed down since. I was so amazed. You'd think that I had just won the lottery or something! must be a mom thing but I swear I was so proud I could have run 50 miles! okay maybe like 1 mile or something! But it was so awesome to see him accomplish this huge milestone. About 10 minuets later he went off a jump and came skidding into the driveway with a huge smile on his face, and I started adding up the future ER bills!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

breakfast woes

I have decided that I am giving up on breakfast! It does not seem to matter what I try...NOTHING IS WORKING! Danny hates cold cereal and I know it's usually full of sugar and doesn't really fill the kids up so I try to do hot breakfasts, or baked goods, but then one likes it and the other two don't....Plus I can't seem to wake up early enough and I always have someone telling me they are hungry before I'm even totally awake! anybody have any solutions?

at least we know Kaden got the protein.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Naughty Brinlee

Recent events have shown us that our little Princess is going to be a bit of a challenge! She is so funny and sweet but I am afraid she is also a lot like her mom! Needless to say we have had to start implementing time out. Although most of the time she thinks it's funny and that it makes her pretty hip hop because she is doing things like the "big boys" what's a mom to do?

no more sugar bugs!

So the kids had their first official cleaning and exam the other day. Brin was first and she did great minus the whole "clenching down and almost biting mike thing!" She loves the glasses of course. we had the boys sit against the wall and watch so they would be prepared for their turn.
Kaden loved the whole thing - he even showed uncle Mike his owie finger while he had his cool glasses on so he could see it better. Parker was the most nervous and he kept pointing his toes - it was pretty funny. All in all a good day and the dental office. Thanks Uncle Mike DDS and Aunt Manda dental asst to the stars!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

tulip run

Today was the tulip run! My very first fun run ever! I was really nervous because of course I haven't really trained and even though it was only 2 miles that's a lot when you haven't been running! Anyways, it went really well, and I felt good about my time 22:23 to be exact! I was really a nice surprise when I heard that number considering my whole goal was to finish! I actually did pretty ok! It was a blast to run with aunt Carrie and Nellie - who rocked by the way. Dust and Russ did awesome and Amanda and Kyle were my running buddies! all in all a great day. And my very first official fun run tee and race number....awesome!

little things...

So I had my big run today. well it was only 2 miles but for me that's big! I finished at 22min and 23 seconds. Not too shabby for a first run! Amanda was my little cheerleader and Kyle was amazing! Aunt Carrie smoked us all of course and Dustin and Russ did awesome. pictures to come. But I had to post what happened tonight!
At bedtime, I was reading to the boys out of the Easter book that my mom got for us. It's one of the "my first scriptures" books. We were talking about how Jesus taught the people to Love One Another. I asked the boys what that meant and then we of course practiced saying it. Then I asked them if they loved each other. They of course said yes and I asked them each why. Kaden was doing somersaults on his bed of course by this time, and I asked him "Kaden, why do you love Parker?" and I could tell that he was actually thinking about his answer, and then he said, "because he's my best friend." of course I couldn't keep the tears from coming and my sons were looking at me like I was nuts but these are the moments that make it all worth it! Enough Said.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

the longest Easter cont...

So as I mentioned in the other Easter blog (years ago...sorry) Uncle Kyle and Aunt Manda took us out on a boat! It was so fun and the boys loved it, until we actually got out into open water and picked up speed. But Kyle slowed down and let them drive and then they were ok. We live in such an awesome place!

Aunt Manda keeping Brin from blowing away!

Kaden actually liked going fast more than Parker did.

Brin pretty much had the runniest nose you'll ever see!

Parker did NOT appreciate the FAST!

The boys pretty much held on to mine and Amanda's legs the whole time!