Wednesday, April 30, 2008

oh these three!

Asher, Brinlee, and Rylin have become the funniest three some ever! We have been going to the park quite often lately as the weather has been so nice. It is so awesome because the older kids ride their bikes around the trail, the younger ones chase the seagulls and eachother and we moms get to sit in one spot (because all of the kids are visible) on the beach, and enjoy the weather relaxing! I really hope the weather keeps getting nicer because it would just break my heart to take a bad turn now!

Asher trying to keep up with those sassy little things!

And Brin takes the lead

Rylin and Asher eventually held hands as they walked...too cute!

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genevieve said...

I love the picture of them holding hands. Priceless. I'm hoping that this stretch of better stays too.