Sunday, April 13, 2008

breakfast woes

I have decided that I am giving up on breakfast! It does not seem to matter what I try...NOTHING IS WORKING! Danny hates cold cereal and I know it's usually full of sugar and doesn't really fill the kids up so I try to do hot breakfasts, or baked goods, but then one likes it and the other two don't....Plus I can't seem to wake up early enough and I always have someone telling me they are hungry before I'm even totally awake! anybody have any solutions?

at least we know Kaden got the protein.


The Soptich clan said...

Just call you Martha Stewart! I would just make them all eat oatmeal. Or Shredded Wheat. But that's because I'm not Martha of course. Actually, no, don't stop baking, and I'll just move to your house and eat your food every morning.

mamamia said...

Just schedule what you are going to have for breakfast. Monday, oatmeal, Tuesday, pancakes etc. You get the idea. If they don't eat what you make they will be hungry. But, they will eat the next time. If you schedule it out then you can make the batter ahead of time or have the water measured out the night before. Have the children help you plan the breakfasts in family home evening. Don't stop baking I will eat it.

genevieve said...

You are good! Look at that heart shape. You could try what we do. We say eat it or go hungry. There are kids starving all over the world. Aren't we great parent's? Heartless, aren't we. The kids have started quoting it back to us now. It is not one of their favorites:)

KellyAnne said...

You're amazing. I'm way too sleepy in the morning to pull something like that off.
You could try hot cereal. I hate it but my kids like it as long as it's not every day.
You could also try doing things the night before, like muffins. They're still good cold and easy to grab!

Emily said...

I just cook whatever I decide and if they don't eat it then put it back in the fridge. When they are hungry, pull it out and then they will eat it. Sometimes the kids will have soggy cereal for lunch and Peanut Butter for Dinner but hey it all works! They will not starve and they will not be fussy for very long. Good Luck!