Saturday, April 12, 2008

no more sugar bugs!

So the kids had their first official cleaning and exam the other day. Brin was first and she did great minus the whole "clenching down and almost biting mike thing!" She loves the glasses of course. we had the boys sit against the wall and watch so they would be prepared for their turn.
Kaden loved the whole thing - he even showed uncle Mike his owie finger while he had his cool glasses on so he could see it better. Parker was the most nervous and he kept pointing his toes - it was pretty funny. All in all a good day and the dental office. Thanks Uncle Mike DDS and Aunt Manda dental asst to the stars!


mamamia said...

They did great. The first time I took Danny to the Dentist he wouldn't even stay in the chair and I even took him to a pediodontist. They must have more of your genes. Midge

genevieve said...

I love the glasses. Sounds like they did great. I like the picture of them sitting against the wall while waiting. I make my kids do the exact thing.

Crystal said...

Cute pictures! And that dentist is pretty hot. I love the chomper pictures the best.