Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm sure many of you have seen this already but it is truly amazing! I have been in love with this project for a while, but I hadn't looked too much into the story behind it. when I first saw one of the photos in the book store, I was a little surprised and didn't know what to think. The more I looked at it the more I wanted to take it home! I have definitely found something that I will be collecting and displaying in my home. You can read all about it and see many of the photos HERE The gallery looks incredible and the music is so beautiful. Spend some time on this site and read about how it came to be. Click on "Multimedia" and then "book", and then "look inside" and you can read the photographers story of how he came to do the project. It makes me cry every time!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Speckled frogs, waddling ducks, and Aunt Crystal spanked my bottom!

I think in the last few days I have sung more songs about "five little" things than ever before in my life! My kids love when the Daddy duck says QUACK QUACK QUACK that five little ducks come waddling back! And Brinlee has taken to storytelling these days. She loves to say that she has "owies" when she doesn't and that she got spanked when she didn't! It is really pretty funny! Note how her facial expressions change when I play along...oh we are in trouble with this one! But are you really surprised?

And of course my kids pick up everything that their Grandpa and Uncles say, so now when people come to the door, or Danny is leaving in the moring he'll say "bye Brin" and she will say "bye" and then you hear "knucle samich" (sandwich) - thanks guys.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What I believe.

Theres been quite a bit of media lately (or maybe I'm just getting older and noticing more) about the LDS (or Mormon) Church. The older I get the more I hear. It ranges from silly to bizarre to outragous and insulting. Just in case you want to know, This is what we believe. I have never understood why there are so many people with such strong opinions about what I believe, but I would hope that my true friends, and also those that may not know me well, can tell from my actions, words, and countenance weather or not what they have heard is true. I love this video and am so happy that it is available.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Tonight was a pretty good night! Minus the whole kids throwing fits at bedtime- but hey that happens pretty much nightly so ... whatever! Sometimes I feel like I am the mean parent and Danny is the fun one. I am home 24/7 enforcing rules, and on his days off he gets to do all of the fun stuff ie: wrestling around before nap time, watching spongebob (I know we're all about the educational TV around here) and making them treats after dinner. So today I was trying to have each of them help me with a job. Parker helped unload the dishwasher. Kaden set the table, and Brinlee picked up toys. We had a relaxed dinner and then I made pudding for desert! I was in the laundry room preparing to transfer yet another gargantuous load of clothes when I turned and saw this:

My heart was all melty and sentimental looking at my monsters tallest to shortest enjoying a special treat from Mom, so I grabbed my camera and tried to get some shots and of course....this is what I got:

Why is it that "let me take a picture of you" translates into "hey roll your eyes and smash pudding everywhere"?????

Oh I guess they are still pretty cute. Good thing too, because otherwise this would be way less funny!

Friday, March 13, 2009


I think that I might loose my mind.
yep that's pretty much it, I was trying to think of something poignant to say but that's all I got...
Parker is having Kindergarten issues and we just realized that he is totally playing us. All of us. His parents, his teachers - you name it. We have been really kicking it up a notch with his studying (which in my opinion is absolutely asinine) because he is lagging behind on the things they require for first grade. I have been so frustrated, beating my head against a wall because we will do all of his homework together and work on his numbers and spelling word flash cards that we made, and he knows every one of them. Then he goes to school and "can't remember." I finally told him this week that if he doesn't try his best in school then he will not be allowed to participate in the fun things they do. Is it just me or does this seem insane for kindergarten? Finally after doing his reading time, and working on flash cards, and finishing homework, and making his leprechaun trap, I just snuggled with my five year old on the couch and talked about his favorite things. Here is what I got:
Me: Hey bud, what is your favorite thing about the winter time?
Parker: Playing the soccer game with Uncle Dustin at the Cabin.
Me: you mean Foosball?
Parker: No, the soccer game - you know where you twist the guys and kick the ball...
Me: oh- yeah. Are you really good at it?
Parker: Yeah, and here's the good news mom...I totally beat him!

I love it! When did my 5 year old learn the phrase "and here's the good news" ???
That kid is a kick in the pants!

Kaden has decided that he wants to grow up and turn into Spiderman. He has never seen the show or cartoon but he sees things on commercials and at the store. Today while we were picking Parker up from school he is talking a mile a minute while I drag him across the school yard and because he has no other volume than LOUD he says at the top of his little (and once underdeveloped-hard to believe) lungs:
"Mom when I gwow up and tuwn into Thpidewman you know whath gonna go in my pack pack? My Thpidewman dweth! (dress).
All of the sudden neighboring waiting parents are checking out the mom of the cross dressing toddler.
I have tried and tried to explain to Kaden that what he is refering to is called "clothes" and only girls wear dresses, but there seems to be some confusion with the phrases "go get dressed" and the definition of an actual "dress"
Brin is 30 all of the sudden.
The other day I called for her from my bedroom and I heard her little footsteps come down the hall and then a tiny voice said: "what Mom, what do you need to talk to me about?"
What would I do without the entertainment?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

runny noses, dog haircuts and volunteering.

I have not died - although sometimes that sounds so peaceful! No, I am just running around like a nut case. I don't have time to post pictures of Gunners one "fancy haircut" as parker says, but after we get done with the days events (dropping kids off at sisters and volunteering in Parkers class, pick up kids, playtime, dinner, bath, bed...) then I will post some pictures! It's pretty funny. I thought it would solve the shedding problem that I swear is going to send me to the place with the padded room, but such luck - does anyone know how long this goes on? Seriously.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Spring Photos Info

Hello everyone! I have posted the detailed info including time slots available and the number to call on my photography blog. Thanks so much for all of your comments and encouragement- I have the best friends! I am working on a price list post for photos as well so that everything is concrete! I will be continuing to add photos to the site as well so make sure and check it out and let me know what you think!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Fun Day

Today I did a photo shoot for the sweetest chubbiest baby girl in the world! Baby Edith was a total trooper and stayed happy the entire time! Here is just a peek at what we did! To see more check out my Photo Blog here.

Then we went over to Crystal and Mike's for a little Birthday Celebration for Mike and Halle complete with 3 different birthday cakes of course (that's my sister) presents of course, and a major dance party with the kids to what else? SPECTACULAR! All in all a pretty fun day!

Monday, March 02, 2009

my newest project

Since Parker's birthday falls in the summer he probably won't be inviting his school class to a party or anything and that always makes me feel bad (silly I know the kid probably won't even care). But I am always on the lookout for little things I can do to make birthdays special for all of my kiddos. And since Parker is totally OBSESSED with Brad Paisley (don't know where he gets it!) and the guitar, and anything having to do with being a rock star in general, I have an idea! Today after we picked Parker up from school I asked the kids if they wanted to go look at the ocean and of course they said yes. So I grabbed Parker's guitar and my camera and away we went. I took them out to the beach and also to my fabulous friend "miss Heather's" house and took some pictures of him with his one instrument of choice. I have been playing around with some of them tonight and I am going to make him a CD of all of his favorite songs (guitar instrumentals included) and then make a CD cover featuring him as the star! He will go nuts!

these are from the beach the ones from Heathers are coming!

I have no words

I was lost for a title on this one. We have had a yucky couple of weeks of course and here is where we are today. While we were at the concert my the kiddos were at Grandma and Grandpas house and Kaden had a fever all of the sudden and got pretty sick. Last night his fever was 103.5 and he was so miserable. I hate when my kids are sick - it makes me so sad, and I get scared! So we put on a movie and stripped the poor guy down and sat in front of the window to get him cooled down ( he did not appreciate this)

Meanwhile Brinlee is glued to the TV watching cinderella in one of her princess skirts (and yes I am aware of the whole - kid sitting too close to the TV - eye- situation but gimme a break I was dealing with a fever here people!)

Parker has not stopped asking me questions about the concert since we got home "can Brad Paisley do this (and then plays a little something on his one guitar)?"
"What color was his pick?"
"mom I need to talk to Brad Paisley, can I call him in the morning?"
So after explaining a million times that we probably can't call Brad on the phone he agreed that a letter would suffice. He then taped the letter, complete with drawing of stage and band to the wall along with a piece of salt water taffy that apparently we need to give him as well. Oh Parker!

singing one of the hits of course!

We heart Brad!!!

Danny and I went to see Brad Paisley (again!) in Tacoma Sat night with a bunch of fellow Brad fans! It was amazing and we will see him every time he comes to the area because as Parker says...HE ROCKS!!! I decided not to bring my camera so I could just enjoy myself and not worry about getting the shots! But you can see some on Crystal's blog here .