Monday, March 16, 2009


Tonight was a pretty good night! Minus the whole kids throwing fits at bedtime- but hey that happens pretty much nightly so ... whatever! Sometimes I feel like I am the mean parent and Danny is the fun one. I am home 24/7 enforcing rules, and on his days off he gets to do all of the fun stuff ie: wrestling around before nap time, watching spongebob (I know we're all about the educational TV around here) and making them treats after dinner. So today I was trying to have each of them help me with a job. Parker helped unload the dishwasher. Kaden set the table, and Brinlee picked up toys. We had a relaxed dinner and then I made pudding for desert! I was in the laundry room preparing to transfer yet another gargantuous load of clothes when I turned and saw this:

My heart was all melty and sentimental looking at my monsters tallest to shortest enjoying a special treat from Mom, so I grabbed my camera and tried to get some shots and of course....this is what I got:

Why is it that "let me take a picture of you" translates into "hey roll your eyes and smash pudding everywhere"?????

Oh I guess they are still pretty cute. Good thing too, because otherwise this would be way less funny!

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KellyAnne said...

Stinking cute!