Monday, March 02, 2009

I have no words

I was lost for a title on this one. We have had a yucky couple of weeks of course and here is where we are today. While we were at the concert my the kiddos were at Grandma and Grandpas house and Kaden had a fever all of the sudden and got pretty sick. Last night his fever was 103.5 and he was so miserable. I hate when my kids are sick - it makes me so sad, and I get scared! So we put on a movie and stripped the poor guy down and sat in front of the window to get him cooled down ( he did not appreciate this)

Meanwhile Brinlee is glued to the TV watching cinderella in one of her princess skirts (and yes I am aware of the whole - kid sitting too close to the TV - eye- situation but gimme a break I was dealing with a fever here people!)

Parker has not stopped asking me questions about the concert since we got home "can Brad Paisley do this (and then plays a little something on his one guitar)?"
"What color was his pick?"
"mom I need to talk to Brad Paisley, can I call him in the morning?"
So after explaining a million times that we probably can't call Brad on the phone he agreed that a letter would suffice. He then taped the letter, complete with drawing of stage and band to the wall along with a piece of salt water taffy that apparently we need to give him as well. Oh Parker!

singing one of the hits of course!


Nerell said...

I see a future Brad Paisley!!!!! Hope the kiddos are feeling better soon.

Calley said...

Gah! Sick kids is theeee worst. I hope he's feeling better. But on another note, that darn Parker of yours....I am dying! Who is this kid?!