Wednesday, March 11, 2009

runny noses, dog haircuts and volunteering.

I have not died - although sometimes that sounds so peaceful! No, I am just running around like a nut case. I don't have time to post pictures of Gunners one "fancy haircut" as parker says, but after we get done with the days events (dropping kids off at sisters and volunteering in Parkers class, pick up kids, playtime, dinner, bath, bed...) then I will post some pictures! It's pretty funny. I thought it would solve the shedding problem that I swear is going to send me to the place with the padded room, but such luck - does anyone know how long this goes on? Seriously.


The Sorensen Bunch said...

ha ha ha I HEAR YA SISTA!!!...the next life I am afraid!

Linda said...

It goes on FOREVER!

Big Momma said...

umm whos shedding ? Husband or the dog? Sorry Danny Lee I love ya!