Wednesday, October 08, 2008

more from the trip

As promised here are a few more photos of our trip, these are from our shore excursion in cozumel. We actually left cozumel and took a boat out to Playa Del Carmen and then a bus and then a tram thing to the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum. It was 110 degrees with 100% humidity so they kept telling everyone to drink lots of water and just when I thought I was going to jump off a cliff, it started pouring down rain! I have never been so grateful to be soaking wet in all of my life. The ruins were amazing and I couldn't stop thinking about how these were the very people that I read about in my scriptures. I love it!

We hiked up a small hill to get to the ruins and before you get to them, this is what you see.

Lots of buildings like this and our tour guide was amazing and explained to us what each building was for... but that would be a really long post!

I think it's amazing that these archways are still standing.

There were crazy iguanas all over the place kindof running around like the rabbits we have at home this one stopped to catch a glimpse of Danny's mom down on the beach! (she had never swam in the ocean!) It just about climbed into my bag!

What trip would be complete without a picture of a mayan ambulance?

And a cute little mayan paramedic to boot! He actually got my email because he wants to talk to Danny about coming to work in the states.

okay cut us a little slack here - I felt like I had layers of filth on me, I had my spa treatment that morning (won it in a raffle!) So I had oil all over me and then sunscreen on top of that followed by ridiculous amounts of sweat and then rain! We were looking so hot!


Linda said...

As Tyler would say your Trip was "WICKED COOL!!" Next time you invite me on a trip I am going!

Celeste said...

We went to Tulum in April. It was amazing! We had a tour guide that was LDS (who happened to give President Hinckley a tour several years ago). It was really fun to have an LDS perspective on it!

Jen said...

Amazing photos. And I think that you look great all greased up. Thank goodness you didn't throw yourself off a cliff. 110 degrees- YUCK!

Anonymous said...

Woah. It seriously looks like you got those pictures off of the internet. How wonderful and gorgeous! But I really think you need to keep on comin' with the pictures and details!