Saturday, November 01, 2008

And your little dog too!

Halloween is always a little crazy around here because Danny is always gone hunting. Thank heavens for Crystal and Mike who are always game to tag team the whole trick-or-treating expedition! I tried to get a cute picture of the kiddos in costume but ...alas - too much candy all day long and this is what you get. I wanted to get a good shot of Brinlee the witch too but she was totally uncooperative. All in all we had fun we did a few tricks and had a few treats and took our annual Halloween trip to the Bates' and it was so fun (photos to come) This time I brought the whole brood (minus Ry who wasn't feelin' it last night) And then my one husband surprised us and came home! We were all so happy to see him and we all went to mom's and had grilled cheese with tomato soup and watched "It's the great pumpkin charlie brown" the end.

count you lucky stars I posted this one because Kaden was picking his nose in the other!

This hat fell off about a million trillion times


Steph said...

So freakin cute!

Jen said...

What a lovely witch, beauty mark and all. Oh Halloween...I forced my kids to take naps in the afternoon, telling them that they would be up late trick or treating so they HAD to nap or they could choose to not nap and skip trick or treating. Real nice, huh? Lovin the new camera..

Linda said...

So Firefigters are still the best right! How many times has Parker been one? I know he loves them!!! And Brin was too cute as that little witch! I am just glad to have lived through the sugar rush at our house.