Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I love you Brinlee

Brinlee in going through that stage where she just follows me around all day wanting me to pick her up. It's a little bit of an adjustment because she has never been like this before. Why is it that children go into nursery at age 18 months right at the height of the "major seperation anxiety" stage??? She is still the cutest girl ever to me though!


The Sorensen Bunch said...

Amen to the baby haning on you all day thing. I keep thinking Dacie will get over it because she is not feeling well she is only 12 months-so that has me a little worried!!!! I spoke about the same leg haning thing on our last FHE post

Emilee & Paul said...

Blogging on your birthday?! Sorry for being so lame and not calling . . . does it count that I thought about it 50 million times??

Love you, lady!

genevieve said...

I agree about the nursery timing. They ought to have them go in at 15 months when they are social. My last three have barely joined nursery willingly right before going to sunbeams.