Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh Kaden…

I’m sure that I have probably started more than one post with this phrase!  I love his guts to death but I think he is going to give me and aneurism.  He is, of course, hilarious.  But he is also my most challenging (for right now).  Kaden lives to bug.  He’ll bug anyone, anytime – he’s always available so if you happen to know someone who needs a little bugging – give him a call he can be reached on Danny’s old busted cell phone that is missing the battery – never leaves his belt loop!  Today was one of those days I guess.  The moment Parker got home from school Kaden’s evil plan of attack went into action and didn’t stop until he went to bed early – and without a story I might add – for being a bug.  When I got in to tuck him in the conversation went as follows:

Kaden (trying not to smile like he always does when he’s in trouble because apparently it’s funny): I don’t want to go to bed!

Me: Well Son I guess you should have made better choices.

Kaden: I wiw make bettew thoices!

Me: Kaden it’s time for prayer and I want you to say a special prayer and ask Heavenly Father to help you make better choices tomorrow.

Kaden: Deaw Hevenwy Fadew, Pwease hewp me make bettew thoices tomowow and do ebeysing that mom wanths me to do – name of Jesus Chwist amen!(sorry best phonetic spelling I could come up with for his unique accent!)

Me: (trying not do laugh) Kaden I love you Kookoo bird and I hope you do.

Kaden: Hey mom I need to tew you thomethin’  (repeated five times until I finally closed the door!)


This kid.

It’s a good thing he’s cute – or  just thinking about the future orthodontic bill might send me into convulsions!



Nerell said...

This story is bitter sweet, cute in a lot of ways and frustrating that kids can be challanging some days. I have a lot of those days

Steph said...

Oh the joys of motherhood! Maybe his difficult childhood years means he will be a perfect teenager? One can only hope...

D+C+R+K said...

I am busting up at the cell phone part...you better hide that number now because the ladies will be a callin

Mom said...

Sorry, but he's just too cute :)
I loved your story about him telling the Dr. that he was allergic to "thallad"!

cat said...

love it. i have similar conversations at night that make me laugh such as "now say your prayers and say sorry for using words like daiper-head or poop-face". nice.

Big Momma said...

excuse me.. are we both talking about the same "coocoo bird"?!!!! I hate to play favs but...... I guess "misunderstood" kids should stick together *wink*.. not that I know any. love that little monkey with the wild tongue!