Sunday, January 18, 2009


Last week the kids went to the "dental office" and had their cleanings done. I am pretty sure that my kids are the only ones who say "I'm going to the dental office" instead of just "I'm going to the dentist!" cracks me up. Brinlee is still running around saying "Summer brush my teeth". Summer is the Hygienist of course! Anyways - all good no cavities and they came away with some playdough so right when we got home of course they got to it. Parker decided to make mom and dad sitting on a bench....I was dying!

Don't worry... those are my arms! I was a little concerned myself at first - and sortof flattered!

And then there was a nasty demise!


Crystal said...

I love the play dough mom and dad on a bench. Parker looks so proud of himself.

The Soptich clan said...

Okay I totally died laughing when I saw his playdough masterpiece!!! Then of course I read your comment and died even more. This kid...!