Monday, January 12, 2009

Wakin up is hard to do

For the last month my sweet little princess Brinlee, regardless of what time she lays her tiny little noggin down, has been waking up at 5am.  We can’t figure out what is going on and she must be stopped!  She does take a little nap in the afternoon(wouldn’t that be nice) and then takes her sweet time waking up!  Kaden and I talked in muted tones and try not to make any sudden movements lest we invoke the wrath of a “just waking up from her nap” Brin! 


The Soptich clan said...

What a kick in the pants, that one is. But probably not at 5 am, oy! And for you, also, the queen of the night if you will! Summer woke up like that for a while, but thankfully (don't want to jinx it) has stopped doing that. Back to the sleeping in til 6 am sharp of course :)
Those pictures are hilarious, and Summer still loves to look in your blog archives at her one crib movies :)

Linda said...

Those pictures are hilarious! Sorry about the 5 am thing. Hopefully that will pass soon. I finally told Jared at about 2 and a half that when he woke up he could just play quietly in his room and not to wake anyone else up. And that I would come get him when it was time.