Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Parker boy

My baby is 4! I cannot believe he is that old. We had a BBQ for his birthday and some friends and all of the family were there. He made a haul and I made firecracker cupcakes that he thought were pretty cool. We went outside and had some fun with sparklers and Uncle Dustin revvvvved up grandpas "tractor" aka lawn mower and hooked up the trailor and loaded in all of the monsters and turned it into a rollercoaster ride! We couldn't get them out so all of the adults took turns driving. Everyone had a good time and it was fun to just sit back and relax and visit and watch the kids play. Uncle Mike put parker's new "hanglider" (spongebob kite) together for him and Halle quickly informed him of the difference between a hanglider and a kite, phew! I'm glad we got all of the worked out.

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