Thursday, September 06, 2007

Am I bleeding?

So my brother Kyle has his own business working as a handyman he does everything from floor installation to painting houses to building decks and porches. The other day he was working on a deck railing for our neighbor mrs. June. I was inside my house cleaning the main bathroom and he came in and I heard him ask me from down the hall if he was bleeding. He walks in and he has blood dripping down his forehead and his arm and tells me that he just shot himself in the head and arm with a NAIL GUN! HELLO! I guess it's kindof tricky when you are trying to get these one nails in sideways and holding the railing yourself and if you don't hit it just right then the nails bounce off and let's just say he wasn't wearing safety goggles! He's lucky he's not blind! But don't worry I got him all doctor'd up and he went back out to the nail gun!

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maryndan said...

is he current on his tetanus? I thought he passed out at the sight of blood? Mary