Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh what a night!

So Halloween was basically nuts! It was fun too of course but it came at the end of a long long long week that included of course a hunting trip, a broken arm and lots and lots of trick or treating! I had to put these pictures on first because it has become a yearly Halloween tradition that I take the monsters over to some really good family friends who also used to be my high school teachers and visit for a while. Parker of course walks right through the door says Hi Bates, and lets himself in to get cozy on the recliner where he procedes to inhale copious amount of chocolate that of course let to the later photos of all three kids bouncing off the walls of the Bates home! What good sports they are! They are going to make fabulous grandparents!

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Crystal said...

I think these pictures sum up the evening very nicely. The Bates' really are good sports.