Wednesday, January 30, 2008

All right Jen!

So I have been blog tagged and I am going to do my best to fully participate! This one is about the one husband so here it goes:

What is his name? Danny Lee Weibling II (I have come to realize that this "the second" part is very very important as we have recieved phone calls, mail, and other things that actually belong to his Dad Danny Lee Weibling). This is why I will not have two people with the same name in this family!

2. How long have you been together? 6 3/4 years

3. How long did you date? 4 weeks! I know I know. I came home from Ricks for my sisters wedding in December and proudly announced that I was so far from marriage it wasn't even funny - I wasn't even dating anyone. 6 months later I was married. We started dating in Feb of 2001, were engaged in March and Married in July. I guess when it's right it's just right!

4. How old is he? The big 30! He will be 31 bones in sept!

5. Who eats more? Seriously? That would be my one husband!

6. Who said I love you first? I did... Yep that's right. I actually even shocked myself as I was traditionally a big "strap my running shoes on the second it gets a little too creepy for me" kind of Soptich chick, but I told him that I loved him and he said " are you sure?" what a romantic!

7. Who can sing better? Oh poor Danny - he can't sing a lick! I mean seriously it's really bad, so I would have to say I am the singer. Although sometimes he likes to sing just to annoy me. sweet right?

8. Who is smarter? Danny is very smart when it comes to "thinking logically". He can always see the big picture and is very good and focusing on the right things. I am a total pessimist and I tend to get tunnel vision and then I freak out. I would say that we both have things that we are better at.

9. Who does the laundry? Usually I do but if I miss a day and Danny is working OT shifts that week then sometimes he has to wash his uniform for the next day. And it's not good because usually he's not allowed to touch the laundry because he likes to pull clothes out of the dryer and SHOVE them into baskets and then leave them there to wrinkle...(are you picturing me doing the motions to this as you read?)

10. Who pays the bills? I do. I'm pretty sure my husband doesn't even know who we pay bills to let along where to send them and how much to send. It's ok though because I'm kindof a control freak and I would have to know anyway.

11. Who sleeps on the right side? If you are laying on the bed then Danny is on the right, on the nights that he's home, but if you are standing at the foot of the bed looking at it then I am on the right - I'm not sure why this question confuses me, nobody else seemed to have a problem with it - maybe we need to go back to that smarter question again! We sleep facing outward due to the hot breathing situation Kaisa mentioned, although with the CPAP I'm not sure it would be a problem anymore.

12. Who's taller? Danny

13. Who mows the lawn? Danny likes to but usually he isn't home when it needs to be done so I do.

14. Who cooks dinner? It's probably half and half. I cook when Danny is gone so lots of times he will cook when he is home. He really likes to cook and he's really good at it so I'm not complaining.

15. Who drives? I'm pretty sure I have only ever driven while Danny was in the car 3 times in our whole marriage. I don't like to drive.

16. Who is more stubborn? I don't think Danny has a stubborn bone in his body - at least not compared to me!

17. Who kissed who first? Danny kissed me, but it was not good - I mean it was cute, but in desperate need of some nicely suggested tweaks! And since then I love his smooches!

18. Who asked who out? Our first official date was after we were engaged, Danny asked me to go shooting with him! But we were friends before we got together and he asked me to watch a movie with him, does that count?

19. Who proposed? This story has been told wrong so very many times by Danny mr funny bones! HE DID! although it was not formal we kindof just started talking and before I knew it we were getting married.

20. Who is more sensitive? Oh that would be me. Poor Danny! Although he always calls me from work to tell me that I shouldn't think that I'm crazy because he has seen some really crazy people and I am not even close... thanks husband that's so sweet - I'm telling you he's a regular romeo!

21. Who has more siblings? me. I have one more than he does.

22. Who wears the pants? Seriously? That would be me although Danny is a gentler person so he makes me want to be better than I am, in a way I guess that's how he leads, so maybe both. I'm just fiestier!



Erin said...

You don't know me, but I'm Erin Harvey Axelson. Danny would know me as Sister Harvey from his MTC district. I was linked to your blog through another missionary from that district. I frequently check your blog to see what is going on in the lives of the Weiblings and figured I should tell you that I do that;o) I think it's kind of creepy to think that random people might be looking at mine! The reason why I'm commenting is because I have a hilarious MTC story for you that I remembered after reading question # 7 about Danny's singing! It's too long to write here, but if you'll send me an email address, I'll write the whole thing for you about our district singing "The Time is Far Spent" in sacrament meeting, just before we left for the mission field. I don't know if Danny will remember, but I think it was at least MY most embarrassing moment! My email address is!

STOKES said...

I motion that the story referenced to above gets posted to the blog as soon as possible for all to see. I love missionary stories. Especially from the MTC that involve singing and embarassing. I've got a couple of doozies of my own that will never be known. And come to think of it, I'll bet Tyson and Dustin probably do to - those Soptich boys are crooners don't ya know.
Does anyone second the motion?

Jennifer Stokes said...

Thank you for indulging me Sarah. I loved your stories and your romeo probably did too.

The Soptich clan said...

This was a delicious little snack of a survey! It was hilarious. I wish there was a question about "who can shimmy better" because I am having flashbacks of your husband jiving to If I Were A Rich Man on my one NSync microphone. ohh that microphone brought out the best in people! Great post my friend.

Tara said...

You are hilarious! I love the stream of consciousness writing!

genevieve said...

It was so funny reading your post. My hubby is the same in our long engagement/courtship, in his singing ( my kids love it but they laugh too), laundry ( but don't they make great piles on the couch), bills (what are those?), driving, and definitly 17. Funny.

The Sorensen Bunch said...

I ABSOLUTELY second that motion to have the singing story told- I was part of that whole experience, and i still cry when I think of it. In fact, i thought of it too when you talked about the singing. It is hilarious. I will tell Erin to send it via blog! She got your website from me. Hope that is OK! Everything else would describe the Elder weibling we all LOVED! Did he tell you that I sprained his ankle playing b-ball on p-day?aaah the good ol mission days.sorry Danny (OK that is weird to say your first name)!!! He was our pal! Sister Hutchings (Sorensen)

Josephine and Aaron said...

I love this post. How fun to get to know your husband. Good times.

Crystal said...

What a tribute to Danny the Man!