Saturday, March 01, 2008

Catching up.

Okay so it has been a pretty sad week around here in some ways. We had two funerals for members of our ward and one of them was a friend of mine that I served in primary with. I hate funerals, but it was a beautiful tribute to her. I was a mess as I listened to her children speak and thought of my own kids. Her husband is the sweetest man and you could always tell that they were best friends. When she got sick, he just took such good care of her. Right down to running her errands dropping off baby gifts at showers, and thank you notes that she wanted to get out to people to thank them for all of their help! She was an amazing example. It really made me grateful for my family. So with that, here are a few snapshots from our life this week, and some shots of my favorite people in the whole wide world!
The boys were scoping out prime realestate to "build" me a garden!Uncle Dustin - I mean Parker getting a little frusterated with the tractor.Brin was so happy when Danny got home she ran with the boys out the front door to greet him!The ultimate "excuse me ... I got dirty!" face.bbf : best brothers forever of course.Kaden on his hot rod!


genevieve said...

I love the tractor. The kids must love that. Funerals really do make you look at your own life, huh?

cat said...

super-cute pics. you made me all teary, talking about those funerals.
are you coming to the stamp camp at my house the 13th?

The Soptich clan said...

Please don't tell me you just whip Brinlee up in a skirt and cute hair on days that aren't Sundays. You're making me look bad! As I look at Summer sitting in her bathing suit watching TV.