Saturday, September 05, 2009

So Back in July…

Parker boy turned the big 6!  He was BEYOND excited.  Now he tells people that he is 6 and next he’s going to be 7 – just incase they were wondering! 

We of course went out to Mom and Dads so that we could gather everyone together and so that we had room for the fireworks!  Because he was born on July 2nd this kiddo always gets fireworks and sparklers for his party! 

We sure love him and are excited to watch him grow.  He starts first grade next week and I think it might kill us both if it doesn’t get here quickly!


He had to fight off the crowds to blow out his candle!



I truly think Legos are going to be the death of me.  I don’t get it – “hey lets give these kids some toys with a million tiny pieces – in a “kit” no less that they will never be able to put back together and watch their Mothers go nuts!”



  Aunt Crystal and Danny getting everyone set up with sparklers. DSC_0038 DSC_0069

And then we hit the drive in!  We have so much fun taking the kids there, it has become a tradition during the summer – mattress in the truck bed and all!DSC_0111


Don’t mind us singing along to the music on the loud speaker…we never could resist a good oldie!DSC_0099 Uncle Dustin and Aunt Marge tried to take the boys on the go carts but it was too dark by the time they got up there!


All in all a pretty smashing Birthday for a pretty smashing kid!  Now if we can make it to the next one…


Crystal said...

We'll be sure to pick out a really cool lego set for Kaden for Christmas!

Diane said...

Legos and Playmobil have been the death of me. I think I might be crazy because of them. Happy B-day Parker! He is so cute.

Jeremy Saunders said...

its good to have you back, i've missed you! Your family is so awesome!