Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Birthday KooKoo Bird!

I cannot believe that you are 5.  It truly seems like last week that we were bringing you home.  what a long story!  And now you ask me all of the time to tell you about when you were a baby and you “lived in a box”

We were so excited for you to join our family.  Your big brother was a whopping 7 months old when we found out you were on your way!


Here we are at 7 months or so.

The week before you were born I was hanging out with halle and Parker “bed resting”


Grandma took parker to her house for a while and then called and said “I just feel like I need to come to your house tonight".”  She got to our house that evening and the next morning you were on your way…5 weeks early.  We called Daddy (who was at work) and Aunt Tammie and told them this show was on the road!

100_0005 100_0003

I will never forget that day.  When I think back, all of these memories come to mind – mostly of the family dropping everything and driving (most of them 4.5 hours) to get to the hospital when they heard you were coming so early. And before we knew it, you were here.

kaden and mom B&W

I held you for about 2 seconds and then they took you away.  You were not breathing very well and had to go down to the NICU.  For being 5 weeks early you were a heavy weight at 6 lbs 1 oz!

kaden b&w 100_0013 100_0018

you love this picture because if shows you wearing a “horse head” just like Daddy has!


Aunt Crystal held your little arms and legs so you would feel safe and snuggled.

 100_0032 100_0034 100_0035

Parker gave you a stuffed alligator and you were wrapped in your Grandma Barrett blanket.  You were the most decked out kiddo in the NICU.


You spent two weeks there and I was there with you, holding you and feeding you every couple of hours, watching you sleep and wishing we could take you home.


Thank heavens for Grandma who stayed at our house with Parker and took care of everything so that I could zombie my way around and only have you to worry about.  Grandma brought your big brother to meet you and he was so excited!  He held your hand, but was so not going to share his paci!100_0118

We finally got to bring you home!



Right after we got you home and were getting used to doing your breathing treatments and getting settled, Daddy got pneumonia!  Needless to say we were all REALLY tired!


At Christmas time you were 6 weeks old and still so tiny – you fit perfectly into the doll stroller and pack n play we got Halle for Christmas, and even into Moms stocking!

100_0383100_0531   100_0525

You were such a happy baby!  Always so funny.  Daddy would stick his tongue out at you and you would do it back!

100_0793_1     100_0737 

You fit right in with the “guys”


The doctor was so happy when you chunked up so good, weighing in at 14 pounds at 4 months!  Not bad for a preemie!


Grandma loved to talk to you because you would laugh and laugh!


You got your nickname Kookoo bird because of all of your funny faces and hilarious little personality.

 100_2740 100_2757 100_2776100_2789

You are such a good big brother and were always sweet to your new baby sister.


Now you are 5, and you love dressing up in superhero costumes.  Everyday its something new and you still have us laughing.  You are the sweetest, smartest, craziest, most talkative and funny little guy in the world and we love you so much.  We are so glad that you came to our family Kaden.  Happy Birthday KooKoo Bird!

 DSC_0009 These are your “power shooters” also known as Brinlee’s beauty and the beast high heels.




Anonymous said...

that was the sweetest post. i hadn't realized how sick he was at first. he is absolutely adorable (all of your kids are). you are an excellent momma from what i can see. love youse!

Calley said...

What a cute post. It tugged my little heartstrings. Happy birthday Kaden!

Place Family said...

I loved this post. I never saw the kiddos that small. Great post.

Ashley & Josh said...

Cute story! I love their "tight" costumes and Kaden "putting out his vibes" your a lucky lady!

KellyAnne said...

Oh my goodness, what a great costume! :) I love it, what a cutie.
I didn't realize how close all of your kids are, you are SUPERWOMAN!!!
No really, I mean it. Way to go!

Jeremy Saunders said...

what a great post. made me cry! happy birthday kaden!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

5 weeks early..I CANNOT even imagine! i can;t get mine to leave