Sunday, April 25, 2010

a hard days night.

So things have been a little rough around here lately (I love you Blythe, I really do) what with the whole “screaming baby” situation.  I find myself thinking “if you would just smile at me….I would be able to handle this.”  I’m not asking for a laugh or giggle or heaven forbid a grin…just a tiny little smile and my heart would sing.  And it has happened a few times (fleeting moments, most of which were probably gas). 

I try so hard to get you to smile.  I talk to you, coo at you, make silly faces and sing silly songs heck-I’d stand on my head if need be.  But apparently your heart (and smiles) are reserved for just one…


Not that I blame you…he is pretty cute!



Nerell said...

oh how adorable!

KellyAnne said...

How incredibly sweet!!!! He doesn't even realize how lucky he is. :) Those smiles are precious.