Monday, July 20, 2009

I know….I know

I guess it’s time to do some explaining!  I didn’t notice how long it had been and if I didn’t feel so guilty for not keeping up on my little family history here, and also if I didn’t need an outlet for my stress I probably would have stayed MIA a little longer. 

So here is the scoop: as many of you know, last year we had a few rough patches and had two miscarriages.   I never understood how hard that was until experiencing it myself (although I always felt terrible for those who were going through it).   In the middle of June,  we found out we were expecting again and of course there have been some complications.  We have neglected to announce the news because we are obviously gun shy and because we are unsure (because of these complications) what the outcome will be.  After having three babies no problem I never dreamed that we would be going through all of this and at the same time I know it is nothing compared to what many face.

I have been pretty barfy – even with the drugs but am powering through and am scheduled for an ultrasound on Wed. I will be 9 weeks.    Today, on our 8th anniversary (love you bug)  Danny is away for the week on a scout trip and I figured, after some nervous emails from sweet friends, that no matter what the outcome will be, people will most likely know anyway so I might as well share the news and hopefully have some powerful prayers sent our way! 

The kids and Danny have been fabulous and we have spent a lot of time snuggling and watching TV on Mom’s bed!  What good sports! I feel so blessed with the family I have been given and I know that it is all in the Lords hands and he knows what is best for our family.  Still it would be nice to know what is going to happen so that I could stop giving myself and ulcer worrying about it!

Thank you for all of the prayers and phone calls and support!  I will keep you all posted as things roll along!


Nerell said...

Congratulations! You will be in my prayers.

Ashley & Josh said...

I could never imagine having a miscarriage now that I have Paisley! Good for you and your endurance! Many prayers and happy thoughts from beautiful Powell, Wyoming!!! ;)

Jen said...

Way to power through. I could see how that would be rough. Sheesh. Keep your chin up and I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Amy and Matt said...

Oh, congrats Sarah! Hope you get to feeling better!

Amy and Matt said...

Congrats Sarah and Family! Hope you feel better soon!