Friday, February 26, 2010


I have said since the moment Blythe was born that she looked so much like Kaden.  But tonight we were going through photos of the kids as babies and I realized that she and Brin could have been twins!

Brinlee as a sweet baby girl.100_2813

Iphone shot of Blythe


She is so excited to have a baby sister.  And she is actually a big help!  She loves to give her her paci and talk to her to keep her happy.


I was surprised at how much alike they looked!  I guess if I could look three and a half years into the future it may look like this:


I’m OK with that!  I feel so blessed to have two crazy boys and two crazy girls!  I’m so glad that Brinlee and Blythe have each other – can’t imagine life without my sister!


KellyAnne said...

That is so sweet. :) Brinley is really lucky to have a sister!! It's amazing how small Blythe looks in her arms...

Crystal said...

that is crazy! I thought the first picture was Blythe. And thanks for the nice sister comment. I love you too!

genevieve said...

She looks so kissable. I love that last picture. The light is perfect and so is she:)

Jana said...

Brinlee looks just like you. She is beautiful. My last 2 look like twins also. Congrats on 4.

Nerell said...

Wow! They do look a lot a like!!! Your kids are adorable

Jeremy Saunders said...

before i read this post, (I read the one about the vomit), I thought to myself that Blythe looked like Brinlee, especially in the lips. What a special thing to have a sister, I don't, and I have been complaining ever since! That's why I wouldn't stop at 3, each sibling has a brother and a sister! Sorry you guys are so sick, but you have a beautiful family!