Saturday, March 13, 2010

A plague on all our houses!

So after bringing home our sweet baby, we were hit with a little bout of fifths disease (so fun).  We were on the mend and having family come in for my niece’s baptism and the blessing of both babies (my sisters daughter Winter, and Blythe) and were enjoying getting used to having four kids with Dad back to work.


With Danny being gone pretty much all week it was nice that Blythe was doing this a lot:


(and yes that is a bow glued to my daughters head…what of it?)

It was the calm before the storm I guess.  The baptism/blessing  weekend was a little nuts but it was so fun to see everyone and right after the party, it hit.  And we haven’t been the same since!  Not sure if it was just a really bad flu that we all shared, but pretty much everyone that came got it!  And so excuse my absence from the blog, I’ve been drowning in vomit.  I thought we were over it because Danny, myself, Mary(Danny’s Mom), Kaden, Brinlee and Blythe had all gotten better.  Then Parker decided it was finally his turn yesterday!  I really feel like dipping my entire house in bleach!  Memories!


I finally gave up and laid a huge blanket down for the sickies.  One can only scrub so many rugs…



Poor Kaden woke up at 4 one morning puking his sad little guts up.  I felt so bad for him.


Then it became a family affair.


So this is what we’ve been up to!  Sorry for the gruesome photos but hey, incase you haven’t heard…we share EVERYTHING around here!!!


Jana said...

I am so sorry your house has been full of sickeness. Besides 2 kids with pink we have been pretty fortunate.

Your life looks very full and that is the best life to have.

Linda said...

Loved the pictures! Blankets and buckets everywhere. Oh Yeah!!! What misery. I am so sorry friend. Hope everyone is totally recovered with no relapses.

genevieve said...

That is so terrible. Hope everyone gets better soon. Love ya!