Monday, December 03, 2007

Away in a manger

So every year of course my Mother has us act out the Christmas story and Halle especially looks forward to it because she loves to be Mary. This year Parker boy was a pretty fantastic Joseph much to Uncle Dustin's dismay as he would not be allowed to frustrate Halle by yelling "Mary?? Mary?? Where for art thou Mary?? (we are reverent sometimes I promise) It was really cute watching the kids play the roles and it really does put you in the Christmas spirit.

The donkey is trying to convince Grandma that the hump is totally unnecessary (I thought my idea was quite creative) Kaden however did not and he sat the play out. oh well better luck next year!

Where would we be without this angel?
Mike and Haven make great donkeys don't you think?


Crystal said...

Great work capturing all the fun at old Ensign Ranch. I'm just going to send people to your blog to check out our trip! Love ya!

The Soptich Side of things said...

For a second I thought that was Kaden being Joseph. Those lint lickers look so much alike these days! Have a very happy caucasion holiday!

The Soptich clan said...

So, maybe Kaden was a quasi-donkey, so what?! What were you in your one Away in a Manger scene?
(P.S. do you have a black Santa atop your tree this year? It would be my dream to see a picture of that!)

genevieve said...

Don't you just love watching the kids do it. We make them put it on every year. We always get such a kick out of it:) Sometimes the angels fight, sometimes it is the little shepherds- but it makes great video footage for years to come. The part with Mary and Joseph always seem to get all of us. It always brings the spirit back after the angel of fury descends and brings good tidings:) Kind of similiar to "the best christmas pageant ever".