Monday, December 03, 2007

on your marks!

What would Christmas be without fire truck drag races? This was pretty hillarious and everyone walked away pretty unscathed, minus a major forehead contusion (Brin) and a good conk on the back of the nogin (Asher). I have to say that I have the best brothers in the world...and brother in law mike of course. They are so good with the kids and I have so many great memories of having crazy times with my uncles that it makes me so happy to know that my kids will have that too. You should have seen the looks on the kids' faces when the races began: it went something like this:
Grandpa: In car #1 driving at top speeds of over 1 million miles an hour we have... Asher Lemme! ect ect ect...
After each of the "drivers" were announced the pushers of the cars would rev their engines really loud and sometimes even spin out of control - wow-
When that flag came down watch out they would race around the pool table at crazy fast speeds and the kids were all business. It was so fun. minus the whole Brin falling on her face and Asher taking a head plant it was all great!

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Ashley Brown said...

It looks like the brothers might be having more fun then the kids. All your pictures are too cute.