Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy Birthday to Parker boy.

I remember the day Parker was born like it was yesterday! I was on cloud nine. I didn't even sleep after delivery I just wanted to hold him and stare at him. He has been such a blessing to us and although we are getting into the sassy stage we still love his guts! I felt so bad about all of the yucky stuff that happened on his actual birthday that I was excited to celebrate on the 4th. We went over to Mom and Dads and had a BBQ with Family and set off some fireworks and of course watched Parker open his showering of gifts from his Grandparents, aunts/uncles/and cousins. He really made out like a bandit with power tools and everything! He had a blast and it was good to get outside and enjoy the day. Happy Birthday Bud we love you.

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Kate said...

Happy birthday to Parker, hope he had a great day!