Thursday, August 14, 2008

back yard cont.

So here are some more lovelies from our back yard endeavor. The boys worked so hard, and it was so blasted hot. We dropped 10 trees and had only 1 bedroom window! I figure with as close as those trees were to the house and fence line( I don't even know if I would have been able to get another company to try it) that's just the cost of doing business! We had to chop off half of the deck to get one of the stumps out! Kyle liked that part. They seem to enjoy sawing and hacking things apart - especially when they are connected to MY house not THEIRS! They did awesome.

Here is a tuckered out Dustin at the end of day 1

Back yard after finishing the first round!

Thank heavens I have connections to people who own excavators...I don't want to think of how much it would cost...

The only mishap - alas, we were planning on replacing all of the windows anyhow so ...not such a big deal.

Dustin's bottom way up in the top of the tree.

Kyle sawing my deck to shreds.

And Dustin tearing it away from the house.


Tara said...

Woah! Talk about a lot of work! That is just amazing!

genevieve said...

Wow what a project! keep the pictures coming!

Crystal said...

Those are some cool pictures! I especially like Dustin's picture in the post below. It's probably a good thing you were at my house while the boys were working. i can imagine what a challenge it would be to keep the kids away. Looks great!`

ReBeCcA said...

it will be so nice to have a backyard. that is such a big project-good think you are well connected! can't wait to see the "after" pictures.

Lemme said...

1. looks good!
2. it's nice to have handy boys in the family
3. i feel like we bonded tonight, therefore...
4. i'm adding you to my blog list
5. now i won't feel like i'm stalking you!

cat said...

what a project! looks so good.
i am lovin' your garden. nothing like fresh veggies.