Wednesday, August 06, 2008


So I am sorry but my heart melts when my Husband plays the guitar, and now - after much begging from Parker, he is teaching him. It is the cutest thing and it is also wonderful because Parker doesn't usually have much of an attention span with anything for any length of time. He will play guitar with Dad for hours. I love it. I told Danny that he was too young and that we should wait, but now that I have watched, I can tell Parker loves it and hey - if it means quiet peace...I'm on board! I think we will be getting him a child's practice guitar that will actually fit him.


Tara said...

How cool is that? How fun to have a husband who can play guitar! Better yet, one who has the patience to teach a small boy.

Jennnnnna said...

That's so fun. Parker is going to be a super heart-breaker on so many levels. He's going to serenade all the ladies with his wondrous music then kick them to the curb, because they're not good enough (but he will be as humble as can be).

The Sorensen Bunch said...

That is such darling pictures. Did not know Elder Weibling had that hidden talent on the miss! Teach them boys-a guy that plays guitar always melts the gals hearts! How funny-i think he is the one child that looks jsut like Danny too!